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What We Do

We are brand strategists, amplifying the college’s brand through an array of multimedia channels. We define and guide the college’s overall communication strategy and provide expertise to the RIC community.

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Who We Are

The Office of Communications and Marketing is your creative partner for communications, marketing, PR and editorial needs. We provide creative services and a variety of supports to stakeholders across campus, with a focus on projects that serve high-level institutional priorities and communications strategies. These include enrollment, retention, graduation, philanthropy, revenue generation, and alumni and community engagement

What We Do

We offer multiple services and areas of expertise: Creative Services, Printing, Web Communications, Editorial Content, Social Media, Videography/Photography, and Support. The general lead time for processing requests and executing deliverables depends on the type of service provided. Please keep in mind that we serve the entire college and receive requests from a large number of stakeholders. As a general rule, the more time and information you provide when submitting your request, the better we will be able to serve you.

How We Can Help You

Creative Services

We provide content development and creative design services for marketing materials, communications campaigns and branding collateral that are in line with the college’s strategic priorities.

  • General lead time: 4-12 weeks
  • Contact: Elizabeth Riel, Marketing Manager,


We provide limited in-house printing for small, print-ready projects that serve institutional priorities, and serve as a liaison to external vendors for larger, more specialized print needs.

  • General lead time: 2-4 weeks for in-house requests; 2-8 weeks for external vendors
  • Contact: Elizabeth Riel, Marketing Manager,

Web Communications

Our web communications team builds and maintains webpages, and creates and edits content for the college’s institutional website, with a focus on user-friendly, easy-to-navigate content that speaks directly and primarily to prospective students and their families.

Editorial Content

Our editorial team publishes and distributes stories through our news webpage, the Rhode Island College Magazine and the bi-weekly @RICNews email newsletter, with a focus on stories that reinforce the college’s branding, highlight news of substantial public interest, and serve the college’s strategic communications priorities.

  • General lead time: 2-8 weeks
  • Contact: John Taraborelli, Director of Communications and Public Relations,

Public & Media Relations

We inform the media about news and events at the college that are of significant public interest and aligned with our institutional-level communications priorities; we also manage media relations and offer preparation sessions for high-profile media appearances.

  • General lead time: 2-6 weeks
  • Contact: John Taraborelli, Director of Communications and Public Relations,

Social Media

We manage the college’s institutional social media accounts, distributing content that engages students, alumni and the general public, reinforces the college’s branding, and serves the college’s strategic communications priorities. We also advise stakeholders on developing their own social media presence.

  • General lead time: 3-5 business days for small requests, 4-8 weeks for larger campaigns
  • Contact: John Taraborelli, Director of Communications and Public Relations,


Our in-house digital media specialist creates compelling narrative videos and editorial photography for strategic communications and branding initiatives.

  • General lead time: 4-12 weeks
  • Contact: Elizabeth Riel, Marketing Manager,


In instances when we are not able to provide direct services for a project, we offer guidance and strategy, and provide tools and resources for stakeholders on campus to manage their own communications needs.

  • General lead time: 3-5 days for quick questions; 2-8 weeks for larger strategic initiatives
  • Contact: Elizabeth Riel, Marketing Manager,

Branding Guidelines

If you are producing official RIC materials, please consult our brand guidelines. A corresponding folder of logos, seals, and images will soon be posted here.

BE BOLD Brand Style Guide

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