Chess Club students at Student Organization Day
Student organizations provide endless leadership and networking opportunities to create a more well-rounded co-curricular experience.

Current List of RIC Student Organizations

Organization NameDescriptionClub EmailMeeting TimesSocial Media
Accounting Association The purpose of the Accounting Association is to bring accounting students together to discuss common concerns and experiences in their field. Additionally, we work to introduce accounting students to accounting professionals through the guest speaker programs. Finally, the club gives accounting students a chance to participate in various social and fund-raising events.acctclub@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@accountingassociationric
Active MindsThrough education, research, advocacy, and a focus on students and young adults ages 14–25, Active Minds is opening up the conversation about mental health and creating lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for, and valued in the United States. To support the Active Minds mission, the Active Minds at RIC chapter is all about creating a campus culture that does not stigmatize mental health problems but rather speaks about them openly and supportively. Through various campus activities and events, we intend to not only create a support network for those on campus struggling with mental illness but also to continuously educate and spread awareness regarding such issues.activeminds@so.ric.eduComing Soon!Coming Soon!
Alpha Sigma PhiThe purpose of Alpha Sigma Phi is to Better the Man, through the creation and perpetuation of brotherhood founded upon the values of Character, Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor, Patriotism.alphasig@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricalphasigmaphi
Alpha Sigma TauNational Panhellenic sorority founded on November 4, 1899 at Michigan State Normal College (now Eastern Michigan University). The sorority has more than 80 active chapters and colonies nationwide. Alpha Sigma Tau has a long history of philanthropy and community service. The Sorority's official philanthropy is Pine Mountain Settlement School, and its official service project is Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, individual collegiate and alumnae chapters coordinate local philanthropic fundraisers and service projects. Instagram:alphasigmatau@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@astatric
American Marketing AssociationTo further enhance the professional development of marketing students. As well as, spark the creativity of students by doing projects, events, promotions and web-design.amaclub@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricollege.ama
AnchorThe Anchor Newspaper is Rhode Island College's only independent, student-run source of news since 1928.anchor@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@rictheanchor
Anchor TVTo increase knowledge and awareness of television and video production through hands-on experience. To act as a creative outlet for students who wish to participate in television and video production, and to exhibit students' work to a large audience on a regular basis via closed circuit TV and the Internet.anchortv@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@anchortvric
AnthroposThe purpose of this organization shall be to promote research, fellowship and awareness in anthropology throughout the Rhode Island College community.anthropos@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricanthropos
Asian Student AssociationOur mission as ASA is to create a supportive and empowered environment and promote multiculturalism and inclusivity to all people at RIC!asianstudents@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ric.asaa
Ballroom Dance ClubA chance to introduce students to the exciting world of ballroom and Latin dance. With opportunities to learn the elegant steps of the waltz or the energy-filled jump of the swing, ballroom and Latin dance is the best way to meet new people, dance competitively or socially or just have a great time. Insta/Facebook: @ricballroomricballroom@gmail.comComing Soon!@ricballroomdance
Biology ClubStrives to enhance communication between biology students and faculty, increase awareness of biology and medical technology issues and current events, and increase the sense of community in the biology department.bioclub@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricbioclub
Campus FellowshipCampus Fellowship is a Christian Student Organization on Rhode Island College’s Campus. Whether you’re a Christian or someone investigating faith, we care about students coming together to seek God through Bible Studies, outreach events, and worship services. We strive toward real and authentic relationships as demonstrated by
Chess ClubThe Chess Club provides members of the RIC community an opportunity to engage in varying levels of chess competition. We strive to teach newcomers to the game of chess how to play and further the skills of veteran players. We promote the game of chess on the RIC campus and encourage the entire RIC community to regularly engage in chess matches.chessclub@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricchess
Club MuddComing Soon!clubmudd@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@clubmuddric
Commuter CornerCommuter Corner provides a space for commuters to meet others, learn about campus resources and socialize! We advocate for spaces on campus to be commuter friendly and work to build a strong community.Coming Soon!Coming Soon!Coming Soon!
Delta Phi EpsilonDelta Phi Epsilon is an organization that is built on the bonds of sisterhood, pride in the sorority, and support for one another. The mission of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority is to develop in women a social consciousness and a commitment to think and act for the greater good. The work done for the philanthropies, National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD), The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation instills the desire to be active in the community. Follow our Instagram @ricdphiedeltaphiepsilon@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricdphie
Disc GolfComing Soon!discgolfclub@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricdiscgolf
English ClubAfter many years Rhode Island College has reopened our English Club! Here individuals are free to discuss literary pieces, share their writing, and have an open dialogue about how English has influenced each member. Regardless of your major, all are welcome to join! Expand your reading and recommend personal treasured texts with fellow members. Perform in front of an audience an original at slam poetry sessions. Ask members to peer critique an essay when you just can’t seem to get the point across. Or relax with like minds discussing literature to films and their timeless importance. If you have works written that you want to publish, learn about the process of publishing them. Fun objectives are planned but we’re open to any suggestions or ideas you may have.englishclub@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ric_englishclub
Environmental ClubTo promote sustainability within our school and community through various educational functions, a school garden, and other events that foster community partnerships. Instagram: @environsofrhodyenvironmentalclub@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ric_environmentalclub
Freshmen ClassFreshmen Class hosts events for RIC's first year students.freshmanclass@so.ric.eduComing Soon! 
G.A.M.E.R.Games And Merriment Enthusiasts of RIC (GAMER) strives to provide an open forum for people interested in role-playing games, video games, miniature war games, card collecting games (CCG), and board games. We encourage members to come learn new games or play an old favorite. GAMER is open to anyone interested in games, no matter your level of skill or experience. gamer@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@gameratricollege
Graduate Student Nursing DEI AssociationWe represent a group of graduate nursing students and who are from diverse backgrounds and their allies. We are committed to making Rhode Island College a better place and to contribute to increasing diversity in the nursing workforce. 
Our goals are to increase connections of graduate nursing students from diverse backgrounds to RI College faculty and learning opportunities, decrease barriers for students from diverse backgrounds and we want to represent RI College in the community by connecting with diverse populations, particularly in terms of promoting health and well-being. @ricgsndeia
HarambeeHarambee, which is Kiswahili means "unity" or "stand together," is the name of Rhode Island College 's multicultural student organization.  The members primarily consist of students from throughout the African Diaspora (African American, Afro-Caribbean, Continental African) and welcomes others from diverse cultural backgrounds. The purpose of the organization is to provide cultural experiences that will be beneficial in our search for our heritage; to coordinate our educational experiences so that others may learn from us; and to engage in social activities that allows us to show our responsibility to society.harambee@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@harambee.ric
Hip Hop Dance Organization The Hip Hop Dance Organization at Rhode Island College is a vibrant and inclusive dance class that welcomes students of all levels of dance experience. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of hip-hop, moving to the beats of popular tunes while learning fun Soon!@ric_hiphoporg
Information Security ClubThe Information Security Club exists for students who wish to discover the fast-paced world of information security. The club will explore different topics within the realm of information security and serve to host presentations and activities around expanding students’ knowledge and awareness of the state of the industry today.isc@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricinfosec
InkwellThe purpose of our club is to connect people across campus. We have a more specific goal of providing a safe space for friend-making that encourages people who are more introverted or have difficulty making friends. Through our ghost letters program, we facilitate a 12-week letter exchange between two anonymous students on campus. Inkwell works to motivate these ghosts ('ghost letters' members) through the use of prompts, fun letter-hunting games, and the ongoing mystery of who one's mystery ghost friend could be! Additionally, Inkwell hosts weekly events that consist of unique games, mysteries to be solved, outdoor adventures, team-building events, and more! Each weekly event is inspired by a randomly specific person that either Jeapers or Jebus (our ghost mascots) possessed at some point in the last century. Our goal is to host events that are unpredictably unique and immersive. RIC is a commuter school, which is great. But this also means that a lot of students don't know each other and aren't involved on campus. Inkwell events aspire to connect the students of RIC, aiming to build a strong student community. We want our ghost letters program to empower the quieter voices on campus, encouraging the growth of strong friendships.inkwell@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@inkwell_ric
Junior ClassComing Soon!Coming Soon!Coming Soon!Coming Soon!
Karate ClubThe RIC Karate Club celebrates and teaches non-contract karate to students of all levels!Coming Soon!Coming Soon!@ric_karate_club
Latin American Student Organization (LASO)Here at the Latin American Student Organization, we strive to create an environment to educate about Latin American culture in a positive manner. Representing the community with integrity and character, and to be a conduit of success for students of any race, nation or creed. LASO celebrated 50 years at RIC in 2022!laso@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ric.laso
Masters of Social Work Student OrganizationComing Soon!mswso@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ric_mswso
Motherland's FinestMotherland’s Finest is an African/African-American dance team at Rhode Island College that enriches campus life by offering a unique blend of cultural exploration, artistic expression, personal development, and community engagement. It creates a vibrant and inclusive space where students can come together to celebrate diversity, share their passion for dance, and contribute to the cultural mosaic of African origins, culture, and, more importantly, dance!motherlandsfinest@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@mlf.ric
Multicultural Student Nurse OrganizationTo serve as student leaders, advocates, and mentors for nursing students of color in the Rhode Island College Zvart Onanian School of Nursing (SON). We aim to bridge the gap between nursing students of color and the Zvart Onanian School of Nursing faculty/staff, to ensure students are equipped with equal opportunity and adequate resources to successfully complete the Onanian SON program without setbacks.msno@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricson_msno
Muslim Student AssociationMSA provides a space for Muslim students to pray together and get to know each other. We also promote awareness about Islam and the Middle East and work to dismantle Islamophobia.msa@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ric_msa
Physical Science ClubThe Physical Science Club is for students who are interested in learning more about any type of physical sciences physicalscienceclub@so.ric.eduComing Soon!Coming Soon!
Pre-Law SocietyComing Soon!prelaw@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ric_prelawsociety
Pre-Health OrganizationComing Soon!prehealth@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ric_prehealth20
Political Science ClubComing Soon!polisciclub@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ric_polisci
Pride AlliancePride Alliance is a safe space for LGTBQ+ students and allies to meet, discuss issues in the queer community and build awareness for LGBTQ+ students. We host several events throughout the year including Pride Week in Spring.pride@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricpride
Programming Events BoardTo provide out of class extra-curricular activities for students. To create a sense of community among RIC students and to create a social setting of educational and recreational nature.programming@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricprogramming
Resident Student Association (RSA)The Resident Student Association (RSA) is comprised of students living both in the residence halls and off-campus. The goal for RSA is to assist with students' needs and concerns and to provide programs for the residents which are on a larger scale than the ones that the Hall Councils usually provide. Representatives from all six halls help promote and recruit new members within their respective residence halls and meet together on a regularly scheduled basis. Another goal for RSA is to improve residential life and to promote unity throughout the campus community. Some recent events include duck hunt, res-week, dodgeball, carnival, ice cream socials, campaigns for better food service at the college, increased safety for motor vehicles and parking area, review and update of Residence Hall Policies, sponsorship of marathons to raise money for charity, semi-formal dances, talent shows, trips to plays and sporting events and many other on-campus events. RSA is run by the students and elects' students from within the group to serve on an Executive Boardrsa@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@rsa_ric
RIC Educators of Social Studies (RICESS)Coming Soon! @ricess_ric
RIC Film SocietyComing Soon!filmsocietyclub@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricfilmsociety
RICoveryThe purpose of this organization is to form an educational community for students in and around recovery. This organization aims to create a safe and open environment for students to receive support from each other as well as learn about recovery.ricoveryorg@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricoveryorg
Saved by GraceSaved by Grace, a Christian organization dedicated to empowering RIC students to embrace their faith while enjoying the college experience, and help those who haven't, to discover their faith. We believe that empowering our community to embrace their faith is crucial for their overall well-being and personal development. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, regardless of their background or beliefs. Our goal is to foster a vibrant community where students can freely express their beliefs, ask questions, and deepen their understanding of God's word.Coming Soon!Coming Soon!@savedbygraceric
Senior ClassSenior Class hosts events and activities for RIC Seniors and sponsors Senior Week every Spring.seniorclass@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricseniors
ShorelineRIC's Literary magazine run by students.shoreline@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricshoreline
Sojourn Collegiate MinistryTo cultivate a network of small community groups in which students can discuss what it means to pursue God in faith, education, and through acting justly in the community.sojourn@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@sojourn_ric
Sophomore ClassComing Soon!sophomoreclass@so.ric.eduComing Soon!Coming Soon!
Student Community GovernmentStudent Community Government acts as a forum for students to address various issues and concerns affecting students at RIC. It also facilitates the growth and continuity of student organizations on campus by overseeing their operating and funding them.ricscg@ric.eduComing Soon!
Students for Justice in PalestineComing Soon!studentsforpalestine@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricsjp
Student Nurses AssociationTo promote high standards of nursing practice through nursing education, to provide programs representative of current professional interests and concerns to nursing students, to inform the student body of the nature of professional nursing. Also, to provide a forum for investigation of issues in healthcare and to speak for better health in the college community. Coming Soon!Coming Soon!@ricstudentnurse
Student Veterans of AmericaThe purpose of the SVA will be to provide a network of support for military veterans, their families and civilian supporters, to educate the college community about the experiences of military veterans, and work with the college administration to meet the needs of student veterans and prospective student veterans.studentveterans@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ric_sva
Theta Phi AlphaTheta Phi Alpha is a national women's social fraternity, and is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference. The mission of Theta Phi Alpha encompasses far more than providing a social network for college women. For more than 90 years, the sisters of Theta Phi Alpha have maintained a history rich in educational excellence, professional achievement, and a deep commitment to social service. Instagram: @thetaphiricthetaphialpha@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@thetaphiric
The HarvestComing Soon!theharvest@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@theharvestric
The Vine Campus MinistryThe purpose of The Vine is to foster a safe space for Bible-based, interpersonal, discussion, promoting personal support while also offering the platform for inter-faith engagement across various creeds and religious affiliations. Student engagement is accomplished through creative interfaith activities. We hope to afford students the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God and build lasting spiritual relationships through one-on-one personal Bible studies. We will also help students foster unity, teamwork, and great support groups when collaborating with other universities in Rhode Island for faith-based events.thevine@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@thevine_ric
UNIDOS Spanish ClubAs a Spanish language learner, any Rhode Island College student is now able to practice their Spanish during una hora de conversation, movie days, and on trips to cultural events around Rhode Island, Boston, and New York. Through these opportunities students can practice their conversational skills in an English-free zone.spanishclub@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@unidos.rhodeislandcollege
Wellness and Exercise Science Club (WES)Coming Soon!wes@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricwellandexsci
WXINWXIN is here to provide the RIC community with responsible programming, teach newcomers about the music and radio industries, increase our knowledge and understanding of broadcast radio through experience, and provide and outlet for students to express themselves creatively within FCC rules and radio ethics.ricradio@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@ricradio
Youth Development OrganizationComing Soon!youthdev@so.ric.eduComing Soon!@youthdevelopment.ric
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