Civic Engagement and Student Activism

Students advocating on campus

The Unity Center is the central hub for student activism and civic engagement at Rhode Island College. We work with our students to find the connections in their social identities, histories, and interests and then pair opportunities that allow them to explore and discover those intersections.

Day of Service

  • The Unity Center hosts one Day of Service per semester and invites the whole campus to sign up and take part. Students are matched with various service sites ranging from letter writing to volunteering at a bird sanctuary to physical labor.
  • Please look out for announcements or reach out directly to the Unity Center if you’re interested.

Voter Registration Drives

  • Check out the activities during National Voter Registration Day, typically in September
  • Volunteer to help get students registered
  • Programming around local politics

Student Soapbox on the Second

On the 2nd of every month, come share, connect, and put your words into action on RIC’s very own soapbox. Are you passionate about an issue? Do you want to see change on campus? Want to find others that want to be a part of a movement?

Alternative Spring Break Options

  • Local opportunities
  • National opportunities
  • RIC sponsored trips
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The Unity Center

The Unity Center serves as a brave space on campus for all students to engage in meaningful and critical conversations that challenge systems of oppression.