JEDI Student Leadership Workshops

Latinx students
The Unity Center provides workshops for student leaders and organizations. We can also design custom workshops, if needed.

Workshops Offered 

As part of the Unity Center’s mission for belonging and equity, different center’s may ask us to come in and support their students to learn about identity. For that reason, we created a list of workshops we can offer to students to discuss identity.

Understanding one's own identity and others (1.5 hours)

In these interactive activities, students will learn about different identities and reflect on how their identities affect their lives and the lives of their peers. Students will get to know each other and reflect on their multiple histories and identities. 
Tools: Open wall space, chairs and tables to write on 

Conflict resolution and restorative justice (1.5 hours)

In this PowerPoint presentation, students learn the tools for effective questions and I-statements formation. Students then practice using those tools. 
Tools: Projector 

Definitions of -isms/power/hierarchy (1 hour)

In this PowerPoint presentation, students learn how to define racism, power, white supremacy and anti-blackness and then use activities to reflect on the power of language. 
Tools: Projector 

Microaggressions (1.5 hours)

In this PowerPoint presentation, students learn about microaggressions, the different types, how to identify and how to respond to microaggressions. 
Tools: Projector, open wall space 

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The Unity Center serves as a brave space on campus for all students to engage in meaningful and critical conversations that challenge systems of oppression.