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The Registrar's Office has provided general registration information to aid you in the registration process. Common topics of interest are covered here. If your concern isn't addressed, please reach out to us.

General Information on Registration

Students are able to add/drop courses during the first week of the semester without any consultation or notation on the student’s transcripts. During the second week of add/drop, students may only drop courses without any consultation. A course can only be added with permission from the instructor. The chair of the department processes the add.

Adding a Class

  • login to MyRIC
  • to add a class click "Enrollment" and then click "Add Class" in the left-hand navigation
  • if you know the 5 digit Class number, you can enter it under “Add to Cart”; if not, you can click “search” to look for a course.  Once you find the course you want, click “select”
  • the enrollment information about the course will show; once you confirm the criteria, click “next”; the course will be added to your shopping cart.
  • click “Proceed to step 2”
  • click “Finish Enrolling” to process your request

Dropping a Class

  • login to MyRIC
  • to drop a class click "Enrollment" and then click "Drop Class" in the left-hand navigation
  • select the course that you want to drop
  • click “Drop Selected Classes”

The five-digit number preceding each course is the number needed to access the registration system. Each course section has a unique code. Some courses require departmental consent to enroll. These courses are designated in the Course Listing by a "†". Contact the offering department for registration information.

It is your responsibility to be sure you have satisfied the course prerequisites before registering for any course. Course prerequisites are listed in the current Rhode Island College Catalog at the end of the course description. If you attempt to register for courses without having fulfilled the prerequisites you may be blocked from these courses. Restrictions, such as minimum grade point average, earned credits, or major, may apply. You may also browse the on-line Rhode Island College Catalog to check prerequisites for courses.

All students register for classes via the web through MyRIC. For answers to general registration questions, the Registrar's Office can be reached at or 401-456-8213.

Students who have never taken an EEP course will need to request a user account for our MyRIC portal. All EEP students will have an account in MyRIC and will be given a Student ID number and a RIC email account. EEP students do not receive an appointment time to register for courses. The process will be handled by the EEP Office and the high schools.

Please Note: Students who have already taken EEP courses in the past do NOT have to create a user account. 

Students who have already taken EEP courses will receive a letter from the college which includes their Student ID number and information about their user account and how to create their email account.​​​

Students may request an enrollment verification letter for reasons such as: health/medical insurance, loan deferments, scholarships etc… The company requesting the enrollment verification may provide a form to be filled out by the Registrar's Office. You may request to have the form completed or an enrollment letter. Students may request an enrollment letter by sending a request to, via fax (401-456-8108), or by stopping into the Registrar's Office. The processing time is 2 to 4 days.

Graduate students registered for at least 9 credit hours during a semester are considered to have full-time status. A normal work load for graduate students is 12 credit hours for any semester. Maximum loads are 15 credit hours per semester and eight credit hours per summer session. Students holding appointments as graduate assistants or graduate research assistants are considered as having full-time status, but must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits each semester or 6 credits in any one summer session.

Use ‘Class Search’ and specify "Mode of Instruction" to see courses delivered as either: Hybrid, In-Person, Online Asynchronous or Online Synchronous

Mode of Instruction is highlighted

The type of instruction for each course will display in the drop-down menu when using "Class Search."

Course displays in drop down

If you have never attended Rhode Island College, you will need to create an account to obtain a username, password, and appointment time in order to register for classes. Students applying to the college should not use this process

Create a MyRIC Account to Register

Request a MyRIC account and you will receive an email confirmation. You will also be emailed instructions about your MyRIC username and password for future or return use if it is not yet your appointment time.

Registration times are assigned first to degree students, then current non-degree students, followed by new non-degree students. Non-degree registration for fall is in late August; for spring, early January; and early March for summer. Registration dates are listed in the academic calendar.

Please note: If an existing account is found for you, you will be directed to request reactivation of your account through the Registar's Office at 401-456-8213 or

Applies to former undergraduate degree students who meet the following criteria:

  • left in good academic standing
  • have not taken any course(s) at another institution since leaving RIC
  • do not have any course credit(s) 10 years or older

If your answer is "yes" to each of the above, you can easily be reactivated as a degree student again by contacting the Registrar's Office at or 401-456-8213 during regular business hours. A reactivation form will be emailed to you. You will be notified via email when you have been reactivated and you will be given your username and password and registration time. If you need academic advisement your first semester back, you may contact the chair of the department of your major.

Maybe your interests have changed since you were last at RIC and you are considering changing your major to explore majors and programs currently available.

Applies to former undergraduate degree students who answer “yes” to any of the following:

  • took a course(s) at another institution since leaving RIC
  • have any course credit(s) that are 10 years or older
  • were academically dismissed

You will need to apply for readmission to the college. Don’t worry, we will make the application process easy for you. Admissions will also waive your $200 enrollment deposit once you have been offered readmission.

Students who need to improve their RIC GPA in order to be eligible to apply for readmission should plan to retake those courses at RIC as a non-degree student. Repeating the course at another institution will not change a RIC GPA, nor may the course be counted for transfer credit. Potential readmit applicants may wish to use a GPA calculator to estimate a new GPA if a course is repeated. Our Resource Team will help you develop a plan to improve your GPA so that you can be readmitted.

Consult with your assigned advisor and your Academic Advisement Report by logging in to MyRIC. Once logged in you want to click on "Student Center." At the top of this page you'll see an Academics area, and you should select "Academic Advisement Report" from the drop-down menu there. Looking here will help you ensure course selection suitability, prerequisites, or other entrance requirements.  If you do not have an advisor assigned, you must contact your major’s department for assistance. Those exploring majors must contact the Office of Academic Advising at or 401-456-8083.

Full-time status is accorded undergraduates who enroll for 12 or more credit hours. Normally, no student shall be permitted to enroll in more than 18 credit hours in the fall or the spring semester. The maximum course load during the summer is 8 credit hours per summer session. Any exception to the maximum course load policy must be approved in writing by the appropriate academic dean.

The Registrar's Office places Universal Advising Holds on all students’ prior to registration for the fall and spring semesters. Students must meet with their academic advisors in order to have the hold removed. The Universal Advising Hold will block any attempt to register for the next semester.

Upon readmission, RIC credit earned more than 10 years prior to the date of readmission will be treated as transfer credit and evaluated under the current transfer model. Courses which are 10 years old or older in which the student earned a grade of "C" or higher will be awarded elective credit or, if appropriate, general education credit. The chair of the student's major department may evaluate how or if specific major course credit is to be awarded. If you do not wish to have the 10-year rule applied, contact the Admissions Office at​. Even if the 10-rule rule is waived, the department chair must still approve courses applicable to the major.​​​

Synchronous Instruction

Students and instructors are talking, teaching, and learning in real time. Specific meeting days and times will be listed in the course schedule.

Asynchronous Instruction

Students view course materials and complete assignments without specified class meetings. No days or times will be listed in the course schedule.

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