Preparatory Enrollment Program

PEP Students

Admitted PEP Students

If you’ve already been selected as a member of PEP, please accept your place for the incoming 2024 class. Please complete the form no later than May 1, 2024.  

First-Year Support Services 

The Preparatory Enrollment Program (PEP) provides a comprehensive approach to supporting and advising students in order to enhance your experience during your first year at RIC. The program prides itself on being student centered by focusing on individual strengths and goals. Here at PEP, we encourage you to come as you are!

First-Year Academic Services

Individual Advising

You will attend regular meetings with your PEP advisor from August-May to ensure fulfillment of first-year requirements and to discuss your academic progress as a first-year student. We will work together to identify resources and strategies that will enhance your success and experience as a student.

Resource Center and Lending Library

We welcome students to utilize our laptop rental program, and the desktops located in the Student Support Services’ Resource Center. We have Math textbooks and calculators available to borrow in office.

College Major Exploration Series

During Wednesday Free Period in the spring semester, undecided PEP students can explore various majors through Q&A’s with department faculty members.

Wednesday Community Hour

Every Wednesday we hold community events and workshops during free period.

Support Beyond Your First-Year

We are invested in your success as a student at Rhode Island College, PEP students who have completed their first year are encouraged to remain in contact with the program. Services and opportunities for upper-class PEP students include:

  • access to Individual Advising and Support
  • participation in PEP events, including College Major Exploration Series, Wednesday Community Hour and FAFSA Friday's during FAFSA renewal season 

“The PEP program provided me with a community and the support I needed at RIC during my first year. I made a bond with other students during the summer, and my advisor is helpful whenever I have questions or need assistance with anything.” 
- 2022 PEP Student 


PEP provides a comprehensive approach to supporting and advising students in order to enhance their experience during their first year at RIC. The program prides itself on being student centered by focusing on individual strengths and goals. Here at PEP, we encourage students to come as they are!


Application and Enrollment

The deadline for incoming PEP applicants is February 1st during students’ senior year in high school. You apply via your RIC application on Once students receive and confirm their acceptance to PEP they will be contacted to participate in the following enrollment activities which are grouped into three Phases.

Summer Transition Program

Spring Session

April & May During Senior Year

Group Enrollment Meeting

Incoming PEP Scholars will participate in group enrollment meetings to review essential information regarding the transition to college. Students may bring a parent or guardian to the enrollment meeting and are encouraged to ask any questions that they have about the program or about RIC. The meeting is an opportunity for scholars to begin to build on community and meet their peers. 


Late June

Orientation and PEP Welcoming Event

Orientation is a 2-day overnight experience designed to familiarize students with the campus facilities, college resources and services. Students will also select their Fall classes during Orientation.

Summer Bridge Program

End of June–First Week in August

Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge Program includes these courses, services, and events:

COLL 150 Course

This 3-credit course is designed to use leadership theory and experiential learning as guiding pedagogical practices to help students reflect on who they are and who they want to be. Students will have the opportunity to frame and define what leadership, education, and success means for them.

Math 010

Based on the Math Placement results; students will have the option to enroll in Math 010 at no cost. PEP will provide the textbooks and materials for the course.

Pre-Fall Advising

Students meet with their PEP advisor to review fall course schedules and set goals, as well as discuss financial aid and/or billing questions.

PEP Community Events

During the summers you will participate in community meetings, the Annual Summer BBQs, and other weekly team building activities to ensure students have the chance to form a connection to each other and the RIC community.

Please Note: The Summer Bridge program is funded by Rhode Island College and is at no cost to the student. To be fully enrolled as a PEP student you must participate in Summer Bridge.

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Preparatory Enrollment Program