Orientation - Math Placement

RIC Math students in class in front of whiteboard

All incoming first-year students must schedule their mathematics placement exam prior to attending orientation to match them with the mathematics course that will give them the greatest opportunity for success.

Two Math Requirements at RIC

  1. Math Milestone:  a requirement that must be completed within your first 20 attempted credits at the college. It can be satisfied with an appropriate placement on the exam or by successfully completing Math 10.
  2. General Education – Math: All students must also complete a course listed under the math category for general education. The Math Milestone is a prerequisite for all general education math courses as well as courses in biology, chemistry, management, etc.  

Transfer Students

Transfer students who have not satisfied their math milestone must register to take the math placement exam. Transfer students who would like to place directly into a math course they do not have a prerequisite for are eligible to register for the math placement exam. 

If you have questions about your math transfer credits, please contact Megan at mdibonaventura@ric.edu.

How to Register for the Math Placement Exam

It is very important that students begin their college mathematics coursework at the appropriate level, and the math placement exam helps to facilitate this. In order to take the math placement exam, you must register for it:

  1. go to MyRIC and login
  2. click RIC Student Homepage
  3. click New to RIC
  4. click Math Placement Exam
  5. click the icon of the magnifying glass for available dates/times
  6. choose the date/time (Dates are added regularly so check back if the times listed do not match your availability)
  7. click SAVE in the bottom left corner

You should receive a confirmation to your RIC email address.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All students should take the Math Placement Exam prior to attending New Student Orientation.

Yes, regardless of courses taken in high school and standardized test scores, this timed exam is used to determine the appropriate math course for your current level of preparation. Use of a calculator is not permitted.

Transfer students earning transfer credit directly equivalent to a Math course at RIC do not need to take the math placement exam. Transfer students may choose to take the exam if they need a placement for a math course within their major for which they do not have the prerequisite.

Yes. In order to prepare you may use the PDF Practice Test, with answers at the bottom of the last page.

Also, this Guide to Achieve a Level 1 Math Placement is a good way to focus your preparation to meet the Math Milestone and place into college level math courses.

An online version of the test can be attempted once: Online Practice Test.
(Please note that your account information is loaded after you deposit. Continue to check back sporadically if the system does not yet recognize you.) The online practice exam is not scored and does not count towards your placement. You should not use any outside sources when taking the practice exam (including calculators, text books, people, the internet, etc.) and you should plan to do this all in one sitting. After 30 minutes of inactivity you will be logged out and not allowed back in.

The exam ranges from Prealgebra to Calculus. It is highly recommended that you attempt the online practice exam prior to taking it in a proctored setting in order to get a sense of the answer format and type of question. 

Upon completion of the exam, you will be placed into your initial mathematics course. Please note that although this may not be the course required by your major, successful completion should adequately prepare you for the required course.

Course Placements

  • Level 0: Math 010 (non-credited course necessary to satisfy the math milestone)
  • Level 1: Math 120, 139*, 143, 240* (Placing in this level or greater means you have successfully completed the Math Milestone.)
  • Level 2: Math 177*
  • Level 3: Math 209*​
  • Level 4: Math 212*​

​*Math course that satisfies the General Education Mathematics requirement.

Yes. In addition to placing into the proper mathematics course, students must meet the College’s Math Milestone. The requirement can be met by placing into Level 1 or higher on the math placement exam or by successfully completing Math 10. 

Please Note: This requirement must be fulfilled within your first year at the college or a registration hold will be placed on your account.

Use the Guide to Achieve a Level 1 Math Placement to best prepare to meet the Math Milestone.

Not necessarily, but it is a prerequisite for courses in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, etc. Programs like Nursing and Education require the math milestone for program eligibility.  

You will know your placement immediately.  They will be automatically added to your MyRIC account within 24 hours.

Yes. To request reasonable testing accommodations for a disability or medical condition, please contact Disability Services Center before you schedule the exam.

Disability Services Center

Once your accommodations are in place, you should contact Megan DiBonaventura mdibonaventura@ric.edu to schedule your exam.

Please Note: reasonable accommodations do not include use of a calculator.

Get Ready For Math Placement!

Practice for the Math Placement Exam

All students must complete the Math Milestone to be able to register for college level science and math courses.  This milestone can be completed by placing into Level 1 or higher on the math placement exam.  We've put together questions you must be able to answer correctly in order to reach a level 1 placement.

Guide to Achieve a Level 1 Math Placement


After looking at the Guide to Achieve a Level 1 placement, did you feel like you could benefit from guided practice?  Register for one-on-one peer tutoring!  Create and account and schedule an appointment on the Math Tutoring page of http://ric.mywconline.com
It is strongly recommended that you come prepared with your work from your practice of the Guide to Achieve a Level 1 placement.

Math Placement Exam Retake

All students are allowed one retake on the Math Placement Exam. There is a two-month waiting period before you retake the exam unless you complete a 2 one-hour tutoring appointments (not on the same day).  After completion of the tutoring sessions you may register for your retake, regardless of the amount of time that has passed.