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The James P. Adams Library provides students and faculty with the services necessary to support and improve instruction and learning consistent with the educational programs of the College.

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Black and white and color printing for students is available from public desktop computers on the main level 3 of the library. 

Each semester, ​​​​​​​all enrolled students receive $12.50 worth of credits good for 250 black and white pages. 

The printed pages are deducted from this balance.  Black and white prints are deducted at $.05 per page and color prints are deducted at $.25 per page. If students exceed this amount, they will be billed.

On-campus users are automatically logged in to the library's databases and online resources. However, if you are off-campus or in the dorms, you must log in with your RIC User ID and RIC Password.  If you have difficulty logging in, please contact kayton@ric.edu

The Friends of the James P. Adams Library is an organization founded in 1998 by a group of Rhode Island College faculty, staff and administrators. The Friends are advocates and supporters for the Library, both on campus and in the surrounding community.

Please consider making a gift to the Friends of Adams Library.

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