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The Alumni Association board of directors consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, the immediate past president, 12 Directors, Two At-Large Directors and representation from the Office of Alumni Relations. 

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Duties of the Board 

  • Periodically review the association's mission and purpose
  • Ensure effective organizational planning
  • Ensure adequate resources available to our alumni community
  • Determine and monitor the association's programs and services
  • Support alumni affinity groups and programs
  • Evaluate the board's performance 

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Alumni Association Committees


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Contact the Alumni Relations office if you are interested in learning more or joining one of the Alumni Association's working committees.

The committee reviews nominations for alumni and honor roll awards and recommends a slate of honorees each year to the full board for approval. Committee members are also responsible for event procedures and processes, and involved in many aspects of the planning and implementation of the awards dinner.

Committee Chair: TBA

The committee ensures that varied and effective programs, signature events including RICFEST Homecoming & Reunion Weekend, and year-long engagement activities are developed and implemented to strengthen the Rhode Island College alumni affiliation, and to meet the needs of Rhode Island College.

Committee Chair: Robin Montvilo '82

Working closely with Alumni Association staff and members of partner offices and colleagues on campus, members of this committee assist with program development, fundraising events, and selection of student recipients as well as ensure that all scholarship and RICochet Emergency Assistance monies are awarded.

Committee Chair: Monica Paige '96

The committee works to ensure that all Rhode Island College graduates receive consistent and effective communications. Committee duties include assisting with the creation and content for the alumni magazine and assisting with the Alumni Association social media and overall communication strategy.

Committee Chair: Hillary Lima '14

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers, immediate Past-President and the Director of Alumni and College Relations, [non-voting]. When the Board of Directors is not in session, the Executive Committee shall have and may exercise the authority to act on behalf of the Board of Directors, as provided under the Rhode Island Non-Profit Corporation Act and shall report any action taken at its next meeting.

Committee Chair: Michael Smith '79

The Finance Committee shall consist of the Treasurer as Chair and a minimum of three (3) Directors and/or members of the alumni body. The Committee will prepare an annual budget for Board approval and shall also review and act upon recommendations of the professional staff of the College and of any outside investment advisors in reference to the investment of funds. The Chair or a designated committee member shall report to the next succeeding meeting of the Board of Directors on any and all actions taken.

Committee Chair: Kevin San '12, M.P.Ac. '13

The Rhode Island College Alumni Association feels that it is important to keep the bond between the College and our graduates of the last decade strong and mutually rewarding. Members of this committee assist with alumni programming, events, and outreach to graduates of the last ten years as well as building relationships with current students and an early connection to the Association.

Committee Chair: Mia Palombo '18

The committee has a special interest in and stewardship responsibility for the institution’s vast and rich history and heritage. The committee on College History and Heritage will work to establish plans and specific projects to research and create public information on the history and heritage of the Rhode Island Normal School, the Rhode Island College of Education and Rhode Island College.

Committee Chair: Ed Rondeau '62


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Through Annual Giving, Planned Giving or Reunion Giving, there are endless opportunities to give back to Rhode Island College to support current students, the advancement of the college and alumni initiatives.

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