Graduate Assistant Opportunities

Graduate student at graduate symposium

Graduate assistantships offer many opportunities for professional development while providing a small stipend and a tuition waiver

See the individual assistantships listings below for descriptions of each position and information on how to apply.

Graduate Assistant Opportunities for 2023-2024

Graduate Assistant Application Process

How do I apply?

Graduate and Teaching Assistantships are limited to accepted degree candidates (including international students in the students in the F-1 or J-1 visa categories) who will be enrolled full time in their plan of study for the 2022-2023 academic year. It is appropriate for prospective students who have applied to graduate programs but are not yet matriculated to apply for Assistantship positions. Awards are based on academic achievement and fit with program needs. Assistantships can be revoked if students earn grades below a B. Appointments are for one year and are subject to satisfactory job performance.

When and where are the applications due?

Applications are due by March 13 and students may apply to as many positions as they feel qualified. See the individual posts for application information. Each program or department has its own schedule for interviewing, but most will conduct interviews in March or April and make their appointments by June 15th.

You may either view or download the Graduate Assistantship Application.

What is the expected academic load?

Students holding appointments as graduate and teaching assistants must carry a minimum of six credits each semester and may not register for more than nine credits without prior written permission from the appropriate Academic Dean. The acceptance of an assistantship assumes full-time commitment to academic activities.

What do these positions involve?

The full-time GA or TA will work 20 hours per week and half-time GA’s will work 10 hours per week during the fall and spring semester when classes are in session. The duties and responsibilities vary according to the program or office but may include providing assistance to RIC students (Disability Services, OASIS, Veteran’s Resource Center), engaging in research and data collection, or preparing for and supervising laboratory sections.

What is the stipend and tuition waiver?

Full-time Graduate and Teaching Assistants receive an annual stipend of $3,150. Half-time GA’s receive $1,575. Full-time positions are accompanied by a waiver of all tuition for courses at Rhode Island College for the academic year and for one summer (the summer previous to or following the appointment). Students with half-time positions receive a waiver of half tuition for courses at Rhode Island College for the academic year and one summer.​​​​​​