Anthology Portfolio

How Anthology Works

Anthology Portfolio allows learners to can capture, review, and showcase their growth both inside and outside of the classroom, while educators and administrators use these same inputs and supporting data to inform course improvement and streamline program accreditation processes. This allows for more reflective learning and instruction, and ongoing program success.

Please Note: Anthology Portfolio was previously known as Chalk and Wire.

How to Use Anthology (Formerly Chalk and Wire)

Logging Into Anthology

Getting or Renewing an Anthology account

Your instructor may have requested your Anthology account in in FNED 101 or FNED 246. However, if you do not have an account or are not certain if you have an account or need to renew your account, contact technical support at

Logging in or Account issues

Log into Anthology

If you need assistance with your account, contact technical support at

Common Tasks

Setting up a Journal or Log in Anthology

How to set up a journal for logging student teaching or community service hours.