Office of Partnerships and Placements​

What We Do

The Office of Partnerships and Placements is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, directing and assessing student teaching placements in districts across the state.

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Celeste Comeau-Mullane

Tami Mildner

The Office of Partnerships and Placements (OPP) works collaboratively with undergraduate and graduate programs, cooperating teachers, college supervisors, student teachers and school districts to provide the student teaching experience for approximately 200 teacher candidates per year. OPP also manages the administrative aspects of student teaching placements, including general communications, assessment timelines, policies and procedures, placement logistics, collaborations and conflict resolution. In addition to the student teaching experience, the office supports practicum and internship placements through its online practicum placement request system – – and by providing mechanisms to secure internship placements for candidates enrolled in graduate teacher preparation programs.