Practicum Placements

Requesting Field Placements for Teacher Candidates

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Instructors are responsible for seeking and requesting effective field placements for their teacher candidates, but all requests need to be documented through the request information form. For a list of potential practicum and/or cooperating teachers in all subjects who may be interested in hosting our teacher candidates, contact the Office of Partnerships and Placements.

Information for Faculty

Practicum Placements

RIC pays Cooperating Teachers that supervise teacher candidates during practicum placements, but not for observation placements. 

The payment request for a practicum Cooperating Teacher will be processed after the RIC faculty member teaching the practicum course submits the Cooperating Teachers name to the Office of Partnerships and Placements, and once all requirements have been completed.  



Finding a Clinical Instructor

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to find a clinical instructor (teacher) for practicum work with our RIC students and to keep the principal informed about your request for using a clinical instructor for practicum at their school.

Making a Formal Request to OPP

After finding an appropriate clinical instructor, make a formal request to OPP. All placement requests for both observation and practicum must be submitted through this online survey format.

Obtaining Formal Approval from OPP

Before your RIC students are allowed to enter their placement school, you must have received a formal approval from OPP. This could take two weeks or more for completed district paperwork. If you do not receive an email response from OPP with an approval/denial within two weeks, send an email inquiry to OPP.

BCI Policy

Students must follow the FSEHD BCI Policy - BCI Directions

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Office of Partnerships and Placements​

The Office of Partnerships and Placements is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, supporting, and assessing student teaching placements in districts across the state.

Celeste Comeau-Mullane

Director of Partnerships and Placements