Information for Cooperating Teachers

If you host a RIC student for a student teaching experience, you are a cooperating teacher. 

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Why Cooperating Teachers are Vital

Student teaching – the culmination of a student's teacher preparation program – is a semester-long experience that requires the candidate to assume the role and duties of the classroom teacher under the guidance of the cooperating teacher and the college supervisor. Your willingness to open your classroom and offer your time and expertise to our students is invaluable.

Cooperating Teacher Information

We are looking for cooperating teachers who are:

  • high-quality educators who demonstrate a positive impact on the development of RIC teacher candidates and pre-K-12 student learning and development
  • interested in serving as mentors for RIC candidates
  • holding professional certification for a minimum of three years in the area of certification for the grade level or special subject in which the candidate is assigned
  • beyond one year in their current assignment
  • welcoming to teacher candidates and who will provide maximum opportunities for full participation in the school’s learning community
  • Approximately one year prior to a student teacher placement, teacher candidates complete an online student teaching application.
  • Teacher candidates are not placed in districts and buildings where they themselves were students, where close family or friends work, where their children attend school nor where they live. Self-placements are not allowed.
  • The Office of Partnerships and Placements reviews applications and requests placements through the district office or school (depending on district/school preference). Placements are requested in September/October for the spring semester and March for the fall semester.
  • Placements are not official until approved at the district level and the teacher candidate has been issued a Student Teaching Permit through the Rhode Island Department of Education.

As the cooperating teacher, you are primarily responsible for the oversight, mentoring and supervision of day-to-day responsibilities, as well as, evaluation of the student teacher. As a mentor to the student teacher, you provide the warm and supportive atmosphere for the candidate to grow as a teacher. You help the candidate become acclimated to both the classroom and school environment.

We currently use the Rhode Island Consortium Educator Evaluation (RI-ICEE) to assess our student teachers, as well as, a Professional Behavior Indicator tool. We expect that you will model the characteristics of a reflective practitioner to foster effective teaching and learning.

For a full list of policies, procedures and expectations see the RIC Student Teaching Handbook.

Please Note: Cooperating Teachers are no longer required to submit an online request for payment but are still required to submit a W-9 form to the Accounting Office to receive payment. 

W-9 Information

Per RIC policy, individuals must have a signed W-9 form on file with the Accounting Office to receive payment. The Office of Partnership and Placements does not keep records of this information.

If you have been paid by RIC in the last three years and have not changed your address or name, you do not need to complete a new W-9.

If you have not been by paid by RIC in the last three years or have changed your address or name, please complete the W-9 Form and fax (401-456-4659) or email the form directly to Donna Vessella in the Accounting Office:

If the Accounting Office does not have a W-9 on file, your payment request will not be processed.

Please Note: When completing the W-9, please check the box for "Individual." Be sure to sign the form. 

Student Teaching

Cooperating Teachers that supervise teacher candidates during student teaching receive a stipend from the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development: $500 for a full placement and $250 for a half-semester.

The payment request for a Cooperating Teacher supervising during student teaching will be processed by the Office of Partnerships and Placements once all student teaching requirements have been completed (RI-ICEEs, Disposition Assessment, and Exit Survey). 

It will take 6-8 weeks for you to receive payment  


Cooperating Teachers that supervise teacher candidates during practicum receive a stipend from the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development: based on the number of students they host.

1 to 2 students3 to 5 students6 + students
$75 $125 $175 

The payment request for a Cooperating Teacher supervising during practicum will be processed after the RIC faculty member teaching the practicum course submits the Cooperating Teachers name to the Office of Partnerships and Placements, and once all requirements have been completed.

It will take 6-8 weeks to receive payment.

If you have any questions please email


Do you want to become a Cooperating Teacher with RIC?

Complete this survey and follow district procedures for becoming involved.

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