Dr. Benjamin Young

Department, Office, or School
Department of Physical Sciences
  • Associate Professor


B.A., Slippery Rock University
Ph.D., University of Rhode Island


PHYS 101 Physics for Science and Mathematics I
PHYS 102 Physics for Science and Mathematics II
PHYS 104 Calculus Applications in Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 110 Introductory Physics
PHYS 311 Thermodynamics
PHYS 312 Mathematical Methods in Physics
PHYS 313 Junior Laboratory
PHYS 403 Classical Mechanics
PHYS 409 Solid State Physics
PHYS 413 Senior Laboratory
PHYS 491-493 Research in Physics

Research Summary

My research is most succinctly described as spectroscopy. I work in several fields, from basic research on unoccupied electronic states in single crystal metals, to applied projects studying various systems in the lithium ion battery world, to a relatively new project involving the ultrafast dynamics of photoactive materials like the ones that will compose next-generation solar panels. My contributions to all of them have been in experimental spectroscopies used to learn about and characterize the systems. I have built an ultrahigh vacuum chamber in Clarke Science that hosts my on-campus research, and my off-campus efforts include work at the RI Nuclear Science Center in Narragansett, collaborations with three labs on the main campus of URI, and research conducted at Argonne and Brookhaven National Laboratories as well as the Canadian Light Source.