Dr. Medini Padmanabhan

  • Associate Professor




PhD, Princeton University
integrated MSc, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur


PHYS 101 Physics for Science and Mathematics I

PHYS 102 Physics for Science and Mathematics II

PHYS 103 Calculus Applications in Mechanics

PHYS 110 Introductory Physics

PHYS 120 The Extraordinary Physics of Ordinary Things

PHYS 307 Quantum Mechanics I

PHYS 315 Optics

PHYS 407 Quantum Mechanics II

PHYS 491-493 Research in Physics

PSCI 103 Physical Science

FYS 100 First-Year Seminar

Research Summary

Research in my group is tailored to each individual student's interest. In the past, my students have worked on experimental and computational projects involving various aspects of physics and material science. Here is a sampling of our work:
• Fabrication and characterization of graphite-based thin films for ultraviolet photodetection
• Transparent conducting electrodes for high efficiency perovskite solar cells
• Lightning protection coatings for wind turbine blades
• COMSOL simulation of triboelectric nanogenerators for energy-scavenging
• Simulation of transport of microplastics in wastewater streams
• Visible light photosensors using graphite-dye composite thin films
I also stay in constant touch with local industries and am interested in connecting RIC students with internship opportunities. If you are a RIC undergraduate (in any major) curious about any of the above, please send me an email.