Dr. Medini Padmanabhan

  • Associate Professor

Our group is interested in the physics and technology of electronic materials and devices.  
We intend to grow and characterize metallic and semiconducting mesostructures with interesting optoelectronic properties. Emphasis will be on design and development of functional components which will be integrated into a working device such as a photodetector or solar cell. We aim to work with facile, eco-friendly synthesis routes such as electrochemical deposition and chemical bath deposition. The materials will be characterized using transport and optical measurements. Full attempt will be made to understand the interplay between device architecture and underlying physics in order to optimize performance. 
Future research directions involve electrochemical growth of metal dendrites, transparent conducting electrodes and photodetectors. ​​​​



PhD, Princeton University
integrated MSc, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur


PHYS 101
PSCI 103