Dr. Russell A. Potter

  • Professor


B.A., The Evergreen State College

M.A., Syracuse University

Ph.D., Brown University


ARTM 541 Media Aesthetics
ARTM 542 Media Culture and Theory I
ARTM 543 Media Culture and Theory II
ARTM 550 Topics:
ARTM 590 Directed Study Media Studies
ARTM 691 Thesis in Media Studies
ENGL 161 Western Literature
ENGL 205 Backgrounds Brit Lit to 1800
ENGL 206 Backgrounds British Literature 1800-Present
ENGL 261 Northern Exposures
ENGL 350 Topics
ENGL 355 British Literature 1832-1900
ENGL 432 History of English Language
ENGL 433 Modern English Grammar
ENGL 460 Seminar In Major Authors & Themes
ENGL 491 Directed Study
ENGL 550 Topics
HIST 571 Grad Reading Course in History
WRTG 100 Writing and Rhetoric ​​​​