CSIS Internships

Computer hardware

Internship courses in the Computer Science and Information Systems Program foster academic experiential education opportunities for students who have a major or minor in one of the academic programs in the department. A RIC faculty member will serve as your instructor, and your job duties should be relevant to your academic and professional development. Internship courses enable students to link their academic knowledge to real-world practices, while creating networks and receiving academic credit. 

Program Details

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to enroll in an internship course, you must:

  1. Be a computer science or computer information systems major.
  2. Have a GPA of at least 2.67 in the courses in your major.
  3. Have completed or have concurrent enrollment in CSCI 401: Software Engineering, if you are a computer science major.
  4. Have permission of both the program chair and the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. 

Course Information

Computer science majors enroll in CSCI 467: Directed Internship and work at a business or nonprofit organization, integrating their studies in computer science with work-based learning supervised by a faculty member. A two-hour biweekly seminar is included. 

Computer information systems majors enroll in CIS 467: Directed Internship. This course is currently being transitioned from the School of Business to the School of Arts and Sciences. Please contact the coordinator of computer information systems for more information.

An internship course give you the opportunity to:

  1. Develop skills in applying theory to practical work situations. 
  2. Test your aptitude and/or interest in a particular career.
  3. Develop skills and techniques directly applicable to your career. 
  4. Develop/acquire good work habits.
  5. Develop and enhance employment opportunities.
  6. Achieve higher levels of academic performance.
  7. Facilitate your transition from college to full-time employment.

Method of Instruction and Evaluation

Method of Instruction 

You will spend an average of one hour a week in seminar plus 12 hours a week at your work site. Your seminar will include discussions of the technical issues and other issues you encountered in your internship and a final internship report from you. Your final report should contain the following items: 

  1. A brief description of the company, what it does, and how it is organized. 
  2. A brief description of your job duties. 
  3. A description of your projects. 
  4. A discussion of the relevance of your work experience to your academic and professional development. 
  5. Any special challenges that you faced. 
Method of Evaluation 

Your instructor, your on-site supervisor and you will sign an Internship Proposal and Agreement Form specifying the requirements for you to satisfactorily complete the on-site component of the internship. This form will include the following information: 

  1. The name and address of the organization. 
  2. The location where you will be working, if different. 
  3. Contact information for the on-site supervisor. 
  4. Hours and duration of the internship. 
  5. A brief description of your job duties and/or projects. These should directly relate to your major. 
  6. Procedures for evaluation and grading, including evaluations from the on-site supervisor. 

In addition, you must successfully fulfill the requirements for the classroom component of the course. 

At the end of the semester, the evaluation materials from the on-site supervisor must be submitted. These materials may be signed by the supervisor and submitted by the student or sent directly to the instructor, as specified on the Internship Proposal and Agreement Form. At a minimum, the supervisor’s evaluation should include certification that you worked the required hours and performed the agreed upon duties. 

Based on the Internship Proposal and Agreement Form, your supervisor’s evaluation, and your performance in the classroom component of the course, your instructor will assign a grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory. 

Procedures for Placement in an Internship

Students who are eligible for and interested in taking CSCI 467 should: 

1. Search for an internship.

  • Investigate internship and other career opportunities through the Career Development Center at RIC.
  • Internship opportunities may also be posted by the Computer Science and Information Systems Department. 
  • You can also search on your own (personal contacts, friends and the Internet). 

2. If/when you find a position, you must: 

  • Meet with the instructor to seek approval of your job description.
  • Complete and turn in an Internship Proposal and Agreement Form. This document must be approved by the on-site supervisor, signed by you and returned to your instructor, with a copy retained by you and the on-site supervisor, by Nov. 15 for a spring internship, April 15 for a summer internship or July 31 for a fall internship.
  • Receive approval from the program chair 
  • Receive approval from the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. 

The instructor will communicate with the on-site supervisor at the start and end of the semester and as needed.