International Business Minor

Finance Lab in Alger Hall

The International Business minor creates an opportunity for students not only to choose an interdisciplinary business program, but also one that focuses on the global nature of business in the current age. With this minor you will have the opportunity to reach beyond your individual disciplines and gain further understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of business, enabling you to communicate better with colleagues in other functional areas and have better mobility within these areas.

Students pursuing this minor will also develop appreciation of the value of cultural awareness and sensitivity, and the critical importance of diversity in a global business environment, while being equipped with appropriate communication methods and decision-making tools that are used in the various business disciplines in the global context. The minor in International Business will allow students to become better prepared to handle global issues in their respective careers while at the same time making them more attractive candidates in the job market.

Course Requirements

Rhode Island College entrance

Faculty Contact

Department of Economics and Finance

The Department of Economics and Finance focuses on how businesses, governments, institutions and even individuals make decisions about spending and policy.