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Given the national interest in public history and the variety of historical venues in Rhode Island, the need for public history training is imperative. Rhode Island College has become the first public institution of higher learning to inaugurate a program to meet this need. Students interested in public history can pursue a Certificate of Undergraduate Study (C.U.S.) or a minor.

The Certificate of Undergraduate Study (C.U.S.) in public history is a 15-credit program designed for undergraduate students who are pursuing a B.A. in history and for post-bachelor's degree students. In this program, you will learn the practical application, scope, methodologies and procedures of public history. Your courses will lay the theoretical foundation and your off-campus internships will give you the hands-on experience and create opportunities for employment. 

If you are passionate about history and want to share your knowledge with others, public history is a wise career choice. The numerous and varied applications of public history encompass historical sites and historical archeology; archival collections and museum artifacts; historical society collections; federal and state park service, landmark preservation, and government and private sector document preservation. A properly trained public historian possesses personal and professional assets that will help them negotiate an impressive array of career choices and callings. 

The links below provide information on course requirements.

Course Requirements (C.U.S.)

Course Requirements (minor)

Course Descriptions

For more information, contact Erik Christiansen at echristiansen@ric.edu.