The M.A. in justice studies is designed for students interested in earning an advanced degree to support their employment in justice and social services fields, including social and human services agencies, law enforcement, nonprofit organizations and nongovernmental agencies focused on justice issues, as well as to prepare for further advanced study in criminology, sociology or related fields. This degree will give you a strong foundation in the writing, research and analytical skills required for such careers and give you the opportunity to develop advanced expertise in your area of focus. You will complete a research-based thesis or an applied research or evaluation project as part of the curriculum. Most courses will be hybrid, involving a combination of in-class and online instruction and will be offered in the evening.


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Program Details

Admission and Course Information

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Admission and Course Requirements

Program/Learning Goals

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  1. Make a difference in the development and evaluation of policies and services in the criminal justice field and related agencies.
  2. Articulate knowledge of the major issues facing the justice system locally, nationally and globally, as well as new research findings in the field.
  3. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of classical and contemporary theory in sociology and criminology and associated policy implications.
  4. Conduct original research and apply research findings to problems with social service agencies within or related to the justice system.
  5. Communicate professionally and knowledgably in oral and written formats on a variety of academic and justice-related topics.
  6. Demonstrate advanced writing and research skills by completing a final project or thesis.
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