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Audiovisual is a function of the Help Center that provides instructional support service with a full range of instructional media and related services for faculty, staff, and students.

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Electronic Classrooms

At Rhode Island College an electronic classroom is a traditional classroom equipped with multimedia devices to enhance presentation. We setup, maintain and support these learning facilities.

Computer Lab Reservations

With the exception of the School of Social Work computer lab, all classroom computer labs on campus are scheduled on a semester basis by the Scheduling Office (401-456-8203). The Scheduling Office maintains the schedule of the computer labs until the release of the College Bulletin. After publishing the schedule of classes for a new semester in the Bulletin, the Scheduling Office transfers the task of scheduling computer labs for the new semester to User Support Services (401-456-8803). The School of Social Work maintains the schedule for its own computer lab. For clarification and information about lab scheduling, please contact User Support Services by email at or by telephone at 401-456-8803.

Computer Lab Access

Access to the computer labs is done using your RIC ID card to open the room.  To schedule use of the room, please contact the Scheduling Office at 401-456-8203.  Problems with room access should be immediately reported to the Office of Security and Safety for resolution. If you do not have a RIC ID card, please contact our Human Resources Department at 401-456-8216.

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Please visit the Help Center website for more information including hours of operation.