Gender and Women’s Studies Program

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What We Do

Our program prepares graduates, future scholars and activists to understand, navigate and disrupt interlocking systems of oppression based on gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, social class, sexuality, nationality and ability.

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Our Students, Values, Programs, and Outcomes

Our students actively engage in interdisciplinary courses that centralize intersectional feminist perspectives and pedagogies and foster community. We have a vibrant, supportive community of learners whose voices and initiatives are integral to the planning of courses and events. We provide them with valuable, marketable skills and opportunities, including internships, that complement any course of study or career path. Many of our students go on to work in advocacy, social services, community development and government. We offer a B.A. and a minor in gender and women's studies and a minor in queer studies.

Why Gender and Women’s Studies?

Students develop valuable professional skills that employers seek - writing, critical thinking, research, public presentation, and leadership skills – and that apply to a variety of professions. But there are many reasons to join the program. 

Interested in feminist leadership, reproductive justice, gender identities?

So You Want to Change the World? - Transforming Women's Place in the World

Interested in gender equity and diversity?

Why Gender and Women's Studies?

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So You Want to Change the World?

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