Long Term Care C.U.S.

Elderly hands

This course will acquaint students with current long term care laws and regulations applicable in the United States.  The course will help students gain and demonstrate familiarity with statues and regulations at the federal and state level that apply to long term care.  Upon completion of this course, students will understand how to access and retrieve long term care laws and regulations, as well as apply practical methods and tools for administrators to successfully understand and meet these requirements.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the history of long term care legislation in the United States and in Rhode Island and the legislative process for enacting legislation
  2. Differentiate between the organizational structures within government branches and their respective roles in the formation of long term care rules and regulations
  3. Understand the federal and state requirements for professionals in nursing homes including staffing requirements
  4. Understand the components of a patient assessment and comprehensive care plan
  5. Understand laws and regulations regarding a patient’s rights; understand the role of resident and family councils in a nursing home
  6. Understand regulations related to patient care ( infection control, medication administration, pain management behavioral health, safe patient handling)
  7. Understand regulations related to the environment of care ( life safety codes, OSHA, occupational hazards, facility design, emergency preparedness)
  8. Understanding of the state survey process

Course Requirements