Monthly Giving

New for 2022: Introducing the RIC Foundation Cookie club!

We're rolling out something new in celebration of RIC Giving Day. All existing and new monthly donors to RIC are now members. Pick up your gourmet cookie treat the first Wednesday of every month in the Kauffman Center (east campus).

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This is your transformative moment!  

Transform your one-time gift into an ongoing commitment to high-quality education. We will automatically bill your credit or debit card each month. It’s a budget-friendly way to make your gift to Rhode Island College go further, faster.

"Why should I give monthly?"

  1. It’s eco-friendly. No more reminders from the Rhode Island College Foundation in your mailbox, and no checks to write. 

  2. It’s convenient. Sign up once and never again have to wonder whether you’ve made your gift to Rhode Island College this year. 

  3. It increases your impact on Rhode Island College’s future. Giving monthly is a more affordable way to increase your annual gift. Monthly gifts also help us better plan where and how to use your support. 

Your monthly contribution of $10 = an annual gift of $120.
Your monthly contribution of $25 = an annual gift of $300.
Your monthly contribution of $84 = an annual gift of more than $1,000.

Make A Monthly Gift

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Rhode Island College Foundation

The Rhode Island College Foundation is the primary source of private support to the college.

Rachel Greenleaf

Annual Giving Officer