Department of Management and Marketing

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What We Do

The Department of Management and Marketing prepares students for entry-level professional positions.

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Our management degree teaches the art and science of running complex organizations and supervising others. Our marketing program focuses on maximizing demand for products and services and attracting and retaining business.

Agility to Enter a Wide Range of Industries

Both degrees produce versatile individuals with a wide range of skills who are prepared to excel in multiple industries. For those in other majors, but who wish to add valuable management and marketing skills to their knowledge base, can elect to minor in these areas of study.

Management B.S.

With a management degree you will come to understand the multifaceted nature of a business enterprise and learn, among other skills, how to create a coherent organizational strategy. Our management majors often go on to assume roles within the following fields:

  • financial
  • marketing
  • supply chain
  • hospitality
  • technology
  • transportation
  • energy

Many even pursue entrepreneurial options and create their own business or work for start-ups.

Marketing B.S.

Our marketing majors understand how consumers behave and why. Upon graduation they take on such roles as:

  • marketing manager
  • media planner
  • PR specialist
  • market research analyst.

Our Faculty

News About Our Department and its Students


MEET OUR GRADUATES: Jacklyn Xavier, Born Leader

Rhode Island College Impact

Jacklyn Xavier is the new engagement coordinator for Leadership Rhode Island. A marketing major, Xavier says, “Everything I learned at RIC can be applied to my engagement strategies.”