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Web Communications is responsible for the management, development and maintenance of Rhode Island College's official web site, www.ric.edu.

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Andrew Sandlin
Lead Web Designer / Developer

We raise awareness and engagement among the college's stakeholders by maintaining and stewarding the college’s online gateway 

It is our responsibility to ensure that all websites hosted on the Rhode Island College web server adhere to the guidelines outlined in the college's web policy

We are committed to making our website accessible and implement best practices and standards as defined by level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0​.​​


Website Feedback and Requests

We are excited about the launch of our new website and hope you are too. Please share your feedback with us so that we may continually improve the site. The frequently asked questions link gives information about issues that you may have encountered when accessing the new RIC website.

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Generally, most faculty, staff, RIC academic and administrative departments, organizations and projects officially sponsored, supported, or sanctioned by the College are eligible to have a public website on www.ric.edu. The website can be created by Web Communications, or the individual or group may construct it themselves, provided they have been trained to do so.

We do ask, regardless of who develops a site, that all websites hosted on www.ric.edu adhere to the College's web policy.​​​

You can submit the Web Request Form to request modifications to your department's website or your faculty/staff profile. If you would like to request one of our web services, we would be pleased to work with you. The list below gives you information about and timelines for edits that may be requested.

This includes basic update requests to existing web pages (typos, updating old content, modifying dates)

Please allow at least two days to process these requests


This includes basic edits to existing vitae/faculty detail page (typos, updating old content, modifying publications, office hours) 

Please allow at least two days to process these requests. Please allow up to five days for new faculty vitae pages, which includes making appropriate links to the directory and department website. 

This includes basic update requests to multiple existing web pages (typos, updating old content, modifying dates) 

Please allow at least five days to process these requests.

For an online form request, please submit an email containing the following necessary information:

  • A Microsoft Word document (as an attachment) containing the form layout (the way you want the form to look);
  • A list of the required fields (the information that you absolutely have to have);
  • Any text instructions that you’d like to display on the form in order to make filling out the form easier;
  • Correct and up-to-date email address(es) where the form results will need to be emailed.

Please allow at least one week to process these requests.

This new forms, updating whole sections of the website, inclusion of multiple graphics and/or multimedia, etc.

Please allow at least two weeks to process these requests.

For requests for major web development projects (those requiring specialized coding and logic), a face-to-face (or virtual) meeting is required for this type of project prior to the request being submitted.

Please allow at least four weeks to process these requests.

Web Communications does not usually support college websites that are hosted outside of the www.ric.edu website structure. Unless the entity is a separate, autonomous entity and not funded by college resources, the college website must follow our standards. These unsupported websites include websites that are not hosted on the ric.edu domain.

In addition, RIC does not allow links to the external websites of vendors or businesses. This is so the college does not endorse, or appear to endorse, these entities. Ads with links for services, deals, or business partnerships are not permitted.

Content not permitted on the college’s public facing website include:

  • Promotion of private events.
  • Large media files, such as movies
  • Personal files and documents
  • Content that requires authentication
  • Content that does not meet the guidelines of the Web Policy, which includes personal opinions, political, defamatory, or obscene content