Nursing Undergraduate Programs

Who Should Apply

A strong candidate has a solid science background in courses such as biology, anatomy, and chemistry, as well as and a good math foundation. Grade point average (GPA) is important, but courses that require exercising the brain, fine-tuning study skills, problem solving, and critical thinking are great preparation and strengthen your candidacy. 

Basic Baccalaureate BSN Program Click to learn who this is for

Our traditional nursing program that integrates knowledge of the arts and sciences with nursing theory to provide a framework for professional practice.

Who is this for?

The Basic Baccalaureate Program is the traditional program designed for high school graduates and transfer students.

Basic Baccalaureate BSN Program for Second Degree Candidates Click to learn who this is for

This program builds on the first baccalaureate degree and includes cognate and required nursing courses.

Who is this for?

A BSN program for second degree candidates.

RN to BSN Program Click to learn who this is for

A program that responds to the needs of the registered nurse (RN) population by offering credit for prior learning, flexible course scheduling, individualized learning experiences and career development advising.

Who is this for?

Registered Nurses

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