Emergency Management

RIC Students walking on campus in the winter

Sign up for RICAlert!

We urge all members of the cam​pus community to register for RICAlert, the college's text messaging system. This emergency notification system allows the college to send an emergency text message through any mobile device to members of the college community for whom it has a mobile phone number and will only be used in the event of an emergency, including when classes would need to be delayed or cancelled. (Note: There may be a short delay before your subscription to RICAlert is activated.) 

There are no advisories to report at this time.​

We ask that you exercise caution when ​walking or driving on campus.​​

Campus Police: (401) 456-8888​
Information Line​​: (401) 456-9500

​​NOTIFICATIONS: Rhode Island College is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy campus environment for students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community.

During any significant weather event or emergency, a​lerts, when necessary, will be posted to the www.ric.edu website and sent by text message to all RICAlert subscribers. Additionally, pertinent information will be available on RIC’s social media accounts and on local radio and TV stations.

It is recommended that all campus constituents register for college notification systems. View more information on the RICAlert system.​

In the event of delays or class/college closures, Rhode Island College will post information in accordance with the class cancellation / college closing policy.

In addition to the RIC website, notices will be posted:

  1. On the college information line at (401) 456-9500;
  2. With local radio and television stations through the Rhode Island Broadcasters ​Association consortium;
  3. Via text messages using RICAlert - the Rhode Island College Emergency Notification System;
  4. and on the RIC Facebook and Twitter pages.
Attention Faculty, Administrators and Staff: Adverse Weather Policy

In the event of adverse weather conditions (such as snow, flooding, hurricane, tornado, fire, power outages) effecting classes or travel, the college will provide notification to employees after consultation with the vice president for administration and finance and the National Weather Service. In some cases weather may be so severe that the governor will announce a statewide shut down of state government. Under such circumstances, the governor’s directives may supersede all or part of the following.


The college will provide students and employees with an announcement via email and text indicating the day and time of any closings or delays and the student or employee groups affected. The information will also appear on the college web site.

Essential Employees

Essential employees (for example, campus police and grounds people, as well as Dining Services when school is in session) who are scheduled to work during any adverse weather period are expected to report to work. Supervisors will notify employees if they are essential employees.

Non-Essential Employees

Non-essential employees who are scheduled to work during any adverse weather period, but who do not wish to report to work, may use available annual leave, personal leave, or leave without pay at the employee’s option. Employees may not use sick time. All other pertinent provisions of applicable union contracts, personnel rules, and state law remain in effect.

Employees are encouraged to remain off campus under severe weather events, however, such is not required or mandated in any way unless the governor has closed State government (see below). Employees who opt to come to work will be accommodated as needed. During snow events in particular, sidewalks and parking lots will not be clear during periods of snow, therefore, making it difficult to drive or walk on campus.

Special Note regarding Teleworking Arrangements

Non-essential employees who are teleworking are expected to continue to telework unless unforeseen circumstances do not allow for such. If circumstances prevent you from teleworking, please inform your supervisor of the situation. With your supervisor’s approval, you may discharge the appropriate accrued time as explained.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Supervisors are responsible for informing their respective employees at the beginning of the winter season and in the event that an adverse weather period has been predicted how employee absences will be communicated and recorded. If any non-essential employee requires alternate accommodations, the supervisor is asked to contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss.

State Government Closures

If the governor announces a s​tate government closure, such notice will include details on specific days and time periods employees are not required to report to work and how the time out of work may be paid. The notice will be made available to employees as soon as possible.

Please note: Sidewalks and parking lots will not be clear during the snow event; therefore, employees who are on campus at that time are advised to use extreme caution.

RICAlert Frequently Asked Questions

RICAlert is a text message notification system designed to provide timely and accurate notification to the campus community.

Rhode Island College will only send you messages related to official college business. You will never receive advertisements and your information is never provided to advertisers.

All students, staff and faculty members of Rhode Island College are urged to subscribe to the RICAlert service via MyRIC at https://my.ric.edu. All faculty and staff and those students registered for the current and/or upcoming semester will receive text alerts.

Yes, please enter your full 10-digit cell phone number, including area code.

All U.S. mobile carriers are supported.

If your mobile number ever changes, please login to MyRIC at https://my.ric.edu and update your contact details.

If you keep the same mobile number, and simply change cell phone provider, you do not have to change anything however it may take some time for your mobile provider to update the RICAlert system. During that time it is possible that you will not be able to receive messages.

Based on your contract with your cell phone provider, you may be charged a fee for delivery of text messages.

No, never. We respect your privacy, and you will never receive anything besides official Rhode Island College communications.

If you need assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 401-456-8803 or helpdesk@ric.edu.

You will be sent messages from what are known as short codes. The messages will come from either 67283 or 226787. We encourage you to save these numbers into your phone so you will recognize them when messages are sent. Some smaller carriers do not support short code messaging. For these carriers, you will receive messages from @getrave.com.​



There are no advisories to report at this time.​ We ask that you exercise caution when ​walking or driving on campus.​​