Former Athletes Now RIC’s New Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol

Eric Alleyne ’15 (left) and Vandell Andrade have exchanged their basketball jerseys for polo shirts and are crisscrossing the campus instead of the court. ​They are​ RIC’s new safety patrol.​

Alleyne explained that “there’s been some disconnect between some of the students and ​campus police officers, ​​​and it’s important, on some level, that Vandell and I are both young and people of color. RIC has no officers of color on the campus police force, so our presence gives students a different perspective. We look like the students and dress like them.”

Their uniform includes neon polo shirts and black pants or shorts. They ride around campus on bikes or walk, intermingling with the RIC​ community. Alternating shifts, Alleyne and Andrade​ work​ Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-noon and from noon-4 p.m. 

They​ were​ recommended ​by Director of Athletics Don Tencher and hired by​ Director of Security and Safety Chief Frederick Ghio. Along with safety patrol​​, Alleyne works part-time in RIC’s Department of Athletics while Andrade is part-time assistant​ coach for women’s basketball​.​

T​heir central beat is the Quad, Donovan Dining Center and Gaige Hall,​ which have the heaviest flow of students. They’re meant to be the eyes and ears of​ the campus police and to radio in any concerns.

“For instance, this summer,​ cars were being broken into in the student lot,” said Andrade, “so we were told to pay more attention to that area when we’re patrolling​. We find the campus to be pretty safe overall and the campus police very friendly​.​” 

“The reception ​to us by faculty, staff and students has been very warm, very welcoming,” Alleyne added. “A simple ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’ from us is enough to get a smile or response from someone. And the faculty I’ve known since I was a student here are happy to see one of their alum come back and give back to the community.”

Andrade agreed. “​People enjoy the fact that we’re present and interactive. In fact, I was on my bike a few days ago and four guys waved me over and asked, ‘How can we get this job?’ I hear that people are super happy to have us.​”​

Alleyne graduated from RIC in 2015 with a B.A. in marketing​ while Andrade, who attended RIC from 2012-2014, graduated with a B.A. in criminology from Le Moyne College.​​ ​

Safety Patrol
Vandell Andrade greets RIC student Destin Bibemi on Student Activities Day.​