Dr. Beverly A. Goldfield

Department, Office, or School
Department of Psychology
  • Professor


B.A., Connecticut College;

M.A., University of Connecticut;

Ed.D., Harvard University;

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Psychology Dept. Harvard University

Selected Publications

Goldfield, B.A., Snow, C.E. & Willenberg, I. (in press). Variation in language development. In J. Berko Gleason and N. Bernstein Ratner (Eds.) The development of language, 8th edition, Boston: Pearson.

Goldfield, B.A. (in press). Vocabulary size in the first language. The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics.

Malloy, T.E. & Goldfield, B.A. (2010) Use of the asymmetric block design and variance component analysis in research on adult-child language interaction. Ab Initio International.


PSYC 110: Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 221: Research Methods I: Foundations
PSYC 230: Human Development
PSYC 331: Child Psychology
PSYC 332: Adolescent Psychology
PSYC 360: Seminar in Current Topics
PSYC 473: Research Methods in Developmental Psychology
PSYC 538: Seminar in Child and Adolescent Development


Current Research Projects & Specializations

Early Language Development. Our current project examines word comprehension in 14 to 18-month-olds. We use an eye tracker to compare visual attention to two objects (e.g., truck / fish) or two actions (e.g., jump / dance) before and after one of the items is labeled (e.g., "Look at the truck" or "Look at her jump"). This research is funded by a grant from the Rhode Island IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence.


Early lexical development, individual differences, cognitive and social correlates of language development.