Dr. Leonardo Pinheiro

  • Associate Professor


Ph.D, Mathematics - Bowling Green State University 

M.Sc., Mathematics - Bowling Green State University

B.Sc., Mathematics - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro 

Selected Publications

J.Burke, M.Burke, L. Pinheiro and C.Richer, "Elementary Methods for Counting the Intersections of Slopes on the Flat Torus”(under review), 2022

J. Burke and L.Pinheiro, “Topologically mixing extensions of endomorphisms on Polish groups”, Appl. Gen. Topol., Vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 179–187, 2022.

K.C. Chan, L. Pinheiro, “Simultaneous chaotic extensions for general operators on a Hilbert subspace”, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Vol. 448, Issue 2, pp. 937-967, 2017.

K.C. Chan,  G.Kadel, L.Pinheiro, “Chaotic differentiation operators on harmonic functions and simple connectivity”, Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales: Matematicas, Serie A; Milan Vol. 109, Issue 2, pp. 385-393, 2015.


Math 552 - Topics in Applied Mathematics: Mathematical Finance
Math 552 - Topics in Applied Mathematics: Intro to Data Science
Math 552 - Topics in Applied Mathematics: Mathematical Modeling
Math 553 - Topics in Pure Mathematics: Functional Analysis
Math 530 - Advanced Linear Algebra
Math 528 - Topology
Math 512 - Foundations of Higher Analysis
Math 461 - Seminar in Mathematics
Math 436 - Discrete Mathematics 
Math 417 - Introduction to Numerical Analysis
Math 345 - Linear Models for Data Science
Math 314 - Calculus 3
Math 213 - Calculus 2
Math 212 - Calculus 1
Math 210 - Trigonometry
Math 209 - Precalculus Mathematics
Math 248 - Business Statistics I 
Math 177 - Quantitative Business
Math 139 - Contemporary Topics in Mathematics
Math 120 - Intermediate Algebra
Math 010 - Basics Math Competency

Academic Interests

My research lays in the intersection of operator theory, functional analysis, and topological dynamics. I am particularly focused on the study of the dynamics of linear chaotic operators acting on topological vector spaces.  

I am also interested in statistical learning, applied statistics, and programming in R.