Dr. Richard R. Weiner

Department, Office, or School
Department of Political Science
  • Professor Emeritus


Ph.D. (1979), M. Phil. (1976): Political Science/Sociology COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY
M.A. (1971), Political Science/Sociology NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH 
B.A. (1967), Political Science/Economics (Honors) BROOKLYN COLLEGE

Certification: New York State Teacher’s Regular License, Common Branches, K-6 (Hunter College, 1968)
Non-Degree Study: New York University Law School (1967-68); Goethe Universitat, Frankfurt a.M. (1975)
Visiting Fellow: University of Chicago (1974); London School of Economics (1975; 1982; 1984-85)
Centre d’etudes des movement sociaux/Centre d’analyse et d’intervention sociologiques 
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris (1978, 1979, 1980)

Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, and Tenured Professor of Political Science
Rhode Island College, Providence, 1989-
Interim Dean (1987-89) and Tenured Full Professor Political Science & Sociology (1976-89)
University of North Florida, Jacksonville (Assist Prof 76-91; Assoc Prof 81-87)
Chairperson Dept of Political Science & Sociology (1983-87)/Dept Language & Literature [87]
Visiting Professor (Politics), Cambridge University International Summer School (1986)
Visiting Senior Lecturer (Politics), South Bank University, London UK (1984-85)
Visiting Assoc Professor (Politics), Florida State University London Program (1982)
Art Teacher, Hyde Park Jewish Community Center, Chicago (Fall 1974)
Fourth Grade Teacher, PS 150 South Bronx (1968-69); PS 298 (Ocean Hill-Brownsville, 
Brooklyn (1969-71)

Selected Publications

"Franz Neumann," "Guild Socialism," International Encyclopedia of Political Science (Washington: Congressional Quarterly Books, 2008).


"Discourse and Argument in Instituting the Governance of Social Law," Central European Political Science Review, 5:15 (2004), 6-34.


"Carl Schmitt’s Denial of the Social: A Review Essay." Constellations 5;4 (1998), 579-82.


"Social Rights and a Critical Sociology of Law," Current Perspectives in Social Theory [CPST] 17 (1997), 217-57.


"East European Jewish Socialism and American Exceptionalism: Lessons from the New York City Needle Trades," in A. Singh, M. Skidmore, I. Sequlera, ets. American Studies Today (New Delhi: Creative Books, 19995), pp. 259-275.


"Retrieving Civil Society in a Post Modern Epoch," Social Science Journal, 28, 3 (1991) 307-23.


"Marxism’s American Reception," Labor History Review, n. 56 (1988), 78-81.


"Must Social Democracy Always Lead to Corporatism?," CPST 8 (1987), 239-77.


"Corporatism and the Disciplinary State,’ Contemporary Sociology, v. 16, n. 6 (1987), a journal of the American Sociological Association , pp. 815-817.


"Implementing Ethics?--Professional Image, Professional Arrogance" as the extended introductory article for the collection of essays of Ralph Chandler, Civic Virtue in the American Republic:Essays on Moral Philosophy and Public Administration. (New Issues Press of the University of Michigan Presses, 1987) edited by Jack Plano, pp. 1-25.


"Social Movements & Political Discourse in 1920’s Peking: An Analysis of the Tramway Riot of October 22, 1927": in Susan Mann Jones, ed. Political Leadership & Social Change at the Local Level: Proceedings of the National Endowment for the Humanities Modern China Project at the University of Chicago (1979), 137-179. [co-authored with David Strand]


"Mouvements sociaux et discourse politique dans le Pekin de 1920," Sociologie du Travail (Paris: Editions du Seuil, 1978) 20, 4:353-78. [co-authored with David Strand].

Paper Presentations (over 100 in all)

American Political Science Association (15), International Political Science Association (7); Oxford University; University of Bremen Law School; Sussex University, University of Chicago (2); University of California, Berkeley; New School for Social Research (2); Acadia University, Nova Scotia; Brown University; Temple University; Sheffield University; Bard College; International Studies Association (2); Southern Political Science Association (4); Midwest Sociological Society (7); International Society for the Study of European Ideas (7) European Consortium Political Research; The Public Choice Society.


HIST 316 Political Thought Mod World
HIST 317 Politics and Society
HIST 350 Topics:
HIST 551 Topics:
POL 204 Intro to Political Thought
POL 316 Modern Western Political Thght
POL 317 Politics and Society
POL 350 Topics
POL 371 Readings In Political Science
POL 444 British Pol&Cultural Studies
POL 445 European Political Geography
POL 550 Topics
SOC 300 Classical Sociolog Theories
SOC 317 Politics and Society

Teaching Areas

(As Dean, I have taught 2 to 4 courses per year)

Politics & Society/ Political Sociology
Modern Western Political Thought
British Politics & Cultural Studies
Social Movements & Social Change
European Political Geography/ Psychogeography
Intellectual History
Political Ideologies
History of Sociological Theory
European Politics
Social Stratification
Sociology of Human Interaction
Racial & Cultural Minorities
Phenomenology & Critical Theory 

Selected Student Achievements

University of Wisconsin Law Review; Temple University Law Review; Columbia University Law School; Boston University Law School; Columbia University School of International & Public Affairs; M. Developmental Economics, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced Study in Public Affairs; M. European Union Studies; London School of Economics; Emory University Law School; Syracuse University Law School; University of Florida Law School; UCONN Law School; Ph.D. programs at Brown University, Florida State University, CUNY; Brandeis University & Cornell University.

Deanly Initiatives

MFA,Theatre: Performance & Society; M. A. Art, Media Studies; Minor & Certificate Program, International NGO Studies; Artist & Society Learning Community; CareGiving & Society Learning Community; Bridges Outreach Learning Community and mentoring program; Teaching with Technology Fellows Web CT Program; Annual October Series centering around a provocative art exhibit; annual summer abroad course in London & Paris; Data Reliability Committee to monitor assessment & program reviews; worked tirelessly with three deans of education in securing NCATE reaccreditation; secured NASM & NASAD reaccreditation of music & art programs; developed identity of Faculty of Arts & Sciences with logo, junior year honors colloquium; RI Teacher Educator Renewal Seminar in History/ Social Science; regular newsletter, academic conference, & annual opening meeting extravaganza. 

Papers Being Revised for Publication

"Piacular Subjectivity & Contested Narrative in the Imre Nagy Memorials" with Karl Benziger, Telos 

"The Political Economy of Deaning" with Wolfgang Gick, Public Choice Society