Planning Your Event

Follow the steps below to make your next event at Rhode Island College a complete success.

Get Started

Develop Your Event Strategy

Goals & Objectives: Identify what you hope to accomplish through hosting this event, how it benefits the college and what population it will serve. The goals and objectives of the event must align with the college mission and should relate directly to the educational goals of the organizing department.
Budget: These goals, and your budget, will guide you through the planning process. Your broad strategy provides all the elements needed to make your event a success. Need an estimate?
Timeline: Consider your planning timeline, the more lead time the better! Detailed planning will occur closer to the event date. Having flexible dates will make venue choices more plentiful. 
Marketing & Promotion: Give your event a meaningful name in your RIC Rooms request, this information is published to RIC Calendar. Do not promote or advertise your event until it is in Confirmed status, know your marketing plan
Policies (EMS): Review the Rental and Use of College Facilities and understand how that may apply to your event. Be sure to read and understand the relevant policies and contact CECS if you have questions. 

Reserve a Venue

We offer a variety of innovative spaces for events, Performing Arts Venues, Creative Outdoor spaces, Residential Housing during summer months, and more! 

RIC Event Organizers 

Add Services

Consider the following for you event:

Room furniture & Set-ups: What are your set-up and breakdown needs? How much time do you need to prepare for your guests? Factor this into your requested times. Equipment rentals and tents are available at additional cost and require extra time to plan.

Catering Facilities & Dining Services: All food, beverage, and related services must be provided by College Dining Services. 
Audio Visual: All classrooms and computer labs are equipped with a projector, PC computer, and smart board. Multipurpose spaces include a projector, screen and PC computer. Other equipment is available at an additional cost. 

Theatre Services: Events held in the Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts facilities require special staffing and service considerations. Box Office service is available for these facilities. 

Housekeeping: Need extra trashcans or clean up? Consider housekeeping needs for your event.

Security: Are security services required for your event? Are minors participating? Will your guests need parking passes? 

Contact CECS for more information or assistance with these services: (401) 456-8900

Timely requests (10 business days prior to the event) allow for advantages in planning, choice of equipment and services, and are more cost effective. For large events, or events with special requirements, more lead time is recommended. We will do everything possible to fill your last-minute requests. Requests made less than 4 business days prior to the time of service may not always be met. 

Confirming Your Event

Need your request approved? Have your EMS Reservation number? Contact CECS.

  1. Approval for space requests shall be provided by EMS Space Approvers as determined by RIC. A confirmation email will be automatically generated when a room request is successfully submitted. Another email will be automatically generated when a room request is successfully submitted.
  2. Another email will be generated to notify status changes regarding your event.
  3. Do not promote or advertise the event until it is in, Confirmed, status. 
  4. If you have not received notice of your event status change two weeks prior to your event or if you need to ensure your event is Confirmed for the purpose of contracting with outside contractors or to begin promotions, contact CECS.

Consult with us regarding Add-on Services

Add-on Services/Information include: 

Special Permissions

Certain event elements require special permission. Please notify CECS if you seek:

  • Co-sponsorship with an external group, 
  • Permission to serve alcohol at an event on campus 
  • VIP’s or dignitaries participating in/or attending your event
  • Permission to hold events in parking lots or other outdoor space
  • Permission to post/order directional signs