Photography Student Work

B.A. or B.F.A. in Studio Art with Concentration in Photography

When you pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, you may opt to concentrate in Photography.

Gaining Vital Skills and Knowledge while Developing Uniqueness

The Photography concentration provides a structured sequence of courses designed to foster technical competence, critical thinking, and the articulation and development of a personal voice. Students receive thorough instruction in:

  • several kinds of camera equipment, both film and digital
  • photographic composition and spatial design
  • lighting from beginning to advanced
  • image editing and printing, in color and black and white
  • sustained creative project development

Advanced students also learn to organize and present a professional group exhibition.


Throughout the curriculum, skill-building and personal artistic exploration are emphasized in equal measure. All courses deliver a broad range of historical and contemporary material, as well as best practices for technical applications. Students are strongly encouraged to place themselves within the context of professional photographic discourse to determine how they might contribute to the contemporary field. At each level students produce a cohesive individualized project, from initial proposal to finished prints; for the Senior Studio, the project comprises a sustained, semester-long series and twenty exhibition-quality prints. 

Exposure to Varied Styles

The program supports diverse photographic styles, including experimental, documentary, and interdisciplinary work, as well as critical investigations of still-life, portraiture, and landscape. Although the curriculum does not emphasize client-based imaging, such as advertising or wedding photography, students acquire strong professional skills through the rigorous development of their own visual ideas.

Program Details

The following Rhode Maps list required courses and sample plans of study: 

B.A. in Art Studio, Concentration in Photography Rhode Map

B.F.A. in Art Studio, Concentration in Photography Rhode Map

Other Concentrations and Program Options

If you don't have an interest in Photography, the Studio Art B.A. and B.F.A. programs offer many other areas of concentration:

Or, if you are already part of a different degree program, you may opt to minor in studio art:

Information on the Minor in Studio Art