Sculpture by Sanice Medieros

B.A. or B.F.A. in Studio Art with Concentration in Sculpture

The Sculpture concentration provides instruction in three-dimensional design principles and mechanical skills in a wide range of materials and techniques to realize content and concepts in professional-quality work.

What You Can Achieve

Our students are prepared to excel in the best graduate art programs in the country and to pursue careers that require strong 3D design and fabrication skills. Courses also explore historical, contemporary, and regional approaches to form, content, materials, and construction.

Sculpture Course Progression

The sculpture course sequence begins with a two-course introduction to a variety of traditional processes: ART 234: Sculpture: Wood and Alternate Materials and ART 235 Sculpture: Metal Fabrication. These can be taken in either order.

ART 234 Sculpture: Wood and Alternate Materials

Students explore a variety of subject matter and develop a personalized vision using wood fabrication and carving skills introduced in class. Plastics, assemblage, and student-selected alternate materials are also explored.

ART 235 Sculpture: Metal Fabrication

Traditional and contemporary approaches to sculptural form are explored using metalworking techniques, including welding, cold fabrication, and forging.

Please Note:

ART 403 Sculpture III, ART 423 Sculpture IV, ART 443 Sculpture V: Senior Studio comprise the advanced sculpture sequence. At this point it is expected that you have developed reasonable proficiency and familiarity with the basic sculpture processes learned in ART 234 and ART 235. Students are expected to transition from assignment-based work in the introductory courses to a unique vocabulary of form and artistic voice in these advanced courses. Advanced students also demonstrate higher levels of professionalism and articulation of their emerging thematic base through seeking exhibition opportunities off campus, written artist statements, and PowerPoint presentations about their artistic influences and development.

Program Details

The following Rhode Maps list required courses and sample plans of study:

B. A. in Studio Art with Concentration in Sculpture RhodeMap

B. F. A. in Studio Art with Concentration in Sculpture RhodeMap

Other Concentrations and Program Options

If you don't have an interest in metalsmithing and jewelry, the Studio Art B.A. and B.F.A. programs offer many other areas of concentration:

Or, if you are already part of a different degree program, you may opt to minor in studio art:

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