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The Department of Economics and Finance focuses on how businesses, governments, institutions and even individuals make decisions about spending and policy.

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Economics and finance are interrelated disciplines, but their scope and content differ. Economics is more concerned with the big picture, or general questions about human behavior around the allocation of resources. It examines how goods and services are made, distributed and used, how the economy overall functions and the people who drive economic activity. Finance is more concerned with how money flows through the market and the techniques and tools of managing money. Finance involves assessing banking, credit, investments and other aspects of financial systems. Whichever one of these disciplines you choose to go into, the Department of Economics and Finance will prepare you for a wide variety of careers, including corporate finance, insurance, banking, personal finance and securities. We also offer minors in finance, economics and international business.


New Offering: CFA Level 1 Preparatory Course

This new opportunity prepares finance professionals for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 exam.

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