Graduate Admissions FAQs

Generalized and Specific Questions

While this Graduate Admissions FAQ is intended to provide generalized answers for questions our office often encounters, further information can be found on individual School/Programs pages:

Graduate Admissions Information

Please Note: See individual programs for specific program requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start by investigating the program’s website for admission requirements, learning objectives, curriculum and courses. The list of available programs, as well as the names of the directors, can be found here. The program director will be the best person to contact for more information and guidance.  If you’re interested in multiple programs and are unsure of the path to take, it is appropriate to reach out to multiple directors to explore which program will be the best fit.

While we do not have specific graduate admissions advisors, our graduate Program Directors will be glad to discuss the different program options with you. These experts in their field are the best resource about the program and can also help with licensing and certification questions. They will also direct you to another program if they think it would be a better fit. 

We often receive inquiries from students uncertain of the differences between  master’s in Social Work or in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Please see this page for information on distinctions between the two. 

If you are unsure of where to start, you may also email the Office of Graduate Studies at and we will be glad to assist and direct your inquiry.

Unlike the undergraduate process, there is no centralized office that manages graduate admissions.  All prospective students apply to a graduate program through CollegeNet. The program’s admissions committee, typically the Program Director and faculty, reviews applications and makes admission recommendations to the appropriate school’s Academic Dean.  Students will be notified of the decision by the Dean of the School.  

All applications are processed online through a system called CollegeNet. The process can be started through this link. We do not have a physical application form.  

For questions that arise as you apply, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 401-456-9723 or

Yes, but you will need to create a second CollegeNet account under another email. Please contact the Graduate Studies office and we can make this a bit easier by transferring some information from the initial application.

The resume, personal statement, and the names and emails of all recommenders must be entered before the application can be submitted. Any other documents may be added to your application after submission, including transcripts and test scores.

Please note that applications won’t be reviewed until all documents are submitted and the application is marked as complete. Applicants are advised to check on the status of their application to make sure all required materials are submitted. 

All recommendations should come from an academic or professional contact. We do not accept personal recommendations from friends or family members. Please see individual program for specific recommendation requirements.  

The recommendation must come directly from the recommender. The application will ask you to provide the name and email of your recommender. The recommenders will then receive an email from CollegeNet containing a link to upload the pdf or word document of their letter, as well as a brief multiple-choice evaluation. The recommender must submit their letter directly to CollegeNet. 

If there are problems,  such as changing a recommender, CollegeNet has an email for recommendation supports:  For further assistance, please email

While each program has specific requirements for their personal statement, it is important to address your professional goals and how the program will benefit your ability to fulfill those goals. You may want to provide insight into what has brought you to these objectives, as well as what you hope to accomplish once you have completed the graduate degree.

While some programs do not have a specific length or prompt for personal statements, it is recommended that you provide enough information for the admissions committee to gain an understanding of you as an applicant.  Take care to ensure the statement is concise and that all information is relevant to your candidacy. Typically, personal statements will be 1-2 pages long but be sure to check the requirements for each program.

Some great resources on how to write a graduate-level personal statement:

Your Personal Statement: Getting Started - Rhode Island College’s Career Development Center
10 Tips for Writing a Grad School Personal Statement – USA Today
How to Write a Graduate School Personal Statement – Kaplan
How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Graduate School – Princeton Review

We offer personal statement workshops at our annual Graduate Studies Open house, held in January.  If you are a current RIC undergraduate, you may be interested in utilizing the services of the Career Development Center for assistance with the essay.   

Note: It is also possible to search the internet for examples of graduate school statements. While this may offer insight into the structure and content of a personal statement, it is important to note that these are exemplary samples of writing and may have even been written by professionals to guide applicants. Please do not compare your writing or experiences to those in published examples. 

While you have the option to upload unofficial transcripts through CollegeNet, acceptance into a degree program requires official transcripts. We accept both physical and digital copies, but official transcripts must be sealed and received directly from the educational institution.  

Rhode Island College transcripts will be added after your application is submitted. 

Addresses for physical and digital transcripts:

Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Gaige 126
Rhode Island College
600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Providence, RI  02908
Digital Transcripts:

Feinstein School of Education – Building 2
Graduate Programs Admission
Rhode Island College
600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Providence, RI  02908
Digital Transcripts: (MEd programs), (MAT programs)

School of Business, Alger 203B
Rhode Island College
600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Providence, RI  02908
Digital Transcripts:  

Rhode Island Nursing Education Center – RIC Zvart Onanian School of Nursing
South Street Landing
350 Eddy Street
Providence, RI 02903
Digital Transcripts:

School of Social Work
MSW Program, Guardo Hall - East Campus 123
Rhode Island College
600 Mount Pleasant Ave
Providence, RI 02908

For your privacy, we do not have access to an application until it is submitted. As a result, we do not have any way of connecting received transcripts or other documents to an unsubmitted application. We do try to follow up with our files/records to connect materials to the new applications, but it can often take time. 

If you do not see the materials being uploaded, please reach out to the appropriate contact as listed above.  If materials were submitted a year or more prior to submission of the application, it may be necessary to resend them. 

If you have pending application materials, please check on the status of the application

Once it is complete, it will be assigned to the program’s Admissions Committee. Most programs try to make decisions within 4-6 weeks, but the turnaround time can vary depending on time of year, deadlines, and number of applicants.

If you have questions regarding your application status, please contact:

Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Devon Decker

Feinstein School of Education & Human Development
For MEd programs:
Rosina Misuraca

For MAT programs:
Dottie Grady

School of Business
Tami Leva

Zvart Onanian School of Nursing
Ellen Morais

School of Social Work
Paula Coutinho

If you haven’t already, please complete a FAFSA to see if you are eligible for loans, financial aid and/or work study.

If you are applying in the spring for the upcoming fall semester, it is appropriate to apply for Graduate Assistantships while your application is still under review. Applications are due to the contact on each posting by March 15th.

You will be contacted by the program director to complete a Plan of Study. Once your Plan of Study is completed with all necessary signatures, including approval by the Academic Dean, you will be matriculated into the program. Matriculation cannot occur until a POS is completed and approved. 

If you are a new Rhode Island College student, you should receive an email including your student ID and information on accessing your account within 24-48 hours of matriculation. This will give access to MyRIC for enrollment, financial information and other resources, as well as your student email and Blackboard.

If you have previously attended or applied to Rhode Island College, your existing student account will be reactivated and you will not automatically receive an email with your account information. If you do not already have it, Registrar's Office can provide your Student ID. This page has information on accessing your student accounts.