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Certificate of Continuing Study (CCS) programs are offered in a wide range of study areas and are designed to serve the career, training and/or professional development needs of an equally wide range of students from adults with limited college experience seeking to enter to workforce to post-graduate students and working professionals seeking advancement and new career specializations. CCS certificate components consist primarily of courses and/or workshops earning continuing education units (CEUs) not associated with undergraduate or graduate programs at Rhode Island College. Admission and retention requirements for CCS programs vary according to the training target audience and rage from minimal to highly selective.

CCS programs are often sponsored by state and government agencies and/or industry sector employers to address workforce development and industry sector employee training needs. CCS programs are not eligible for federal financial aid; however eligible adult students and/or sponsor employees are often able to participate in CCS programs at reduced or no cost.

Programs and Partners

The following programs are offered through the Institute for Education in Healthcare.

  • Behavioral Health Training
  • Behavioral Health Training for Paraprofessionals 
  • Foundations in Community Health Worker Training
  • Community Health Worker: Cardiovascular-Diabetes Management
  • HIV Certificate Program for Case Managers & Direct Care Staff
  • Leadership Development for Healthcare Professionals
  • Working With and Supporting Older Adults
  • Working With and Supporting Older Adults for Direct Service Workers Training

Visit their website for program details.

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Office of Professional Studies and Continuing Education

Professional Studies and Continuing Education (PSCE) extends the educational offerings and resources of Rhode Island College (RIC) and provides administrative programming support and assistance to affiliated agencies and organizations on and off campus.

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