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Post-COVID Predictions

It’s never easy to look into the future, yet when five Rhode Island College faculty members were asked to offer their predictions of what a post-COVID RIC campus might look like they agreed to take the plunge.

Preparing for Post-COVID Mental Health Challenges in Campus Life

RIC faculty, staff and students are transitioning back to face-to-face interactions on campus. But what is the healthiest way to return to “normal”?

Harambee’s African Diaspora

Rhode Island College Impact

Harambee, which in Kiswahili means “unity” or “stand together,” is the name of Rhode Island College 's multicultural student organization.

RIC Extends King's Legacy Virtually

RIC Interim Associate Dean of Students Pegah Rahmanian says Martin Luther King's perspective remains relevant.

Disability Services Center Makes Campus Life Accessible for All – Even When It’s Remote

Rhode Island College Impact

The Disability Services Center assists almost 1,000 RIC students with reasonable accommodations and supports them in achieving their academic goals.

The Birth of a Gamer

Rhode Island College Impact

"When I transferred to RIC...I was really struggling emotionally and academically from transferring schools. [Joining the G.A.M.E.R. club helped me connect with people."


Forget the stereotype of a gamer as some dorky, shy kid, who holes away in a dark room by himself lit only by the glow of a console. Far from isolating people into lonely basement kids, video games are bringing RIC students together. 

RICovery – A Resource for Students Dealing with Substance Abuse

RICovery vice president Shawn Shepherd and president Roxanne Newman​

RIC Wins $1.16-M Grant to Increase Ph.D.s among Underrepresented Students

RIC student explains her ​​research ​to RIC President Frank D. Sánchez at a poster session in Adams Library.

Induction of 2017-2018 SCG Executive Council Members

RIC President Frank D. Sánchez and Student Community Government President Thomas Lima