Individual Courses and Events

If you'd like to take individual courses and attend events that speak to your interests and work for your schedule, PSCE makes that possible.

How to Find a Course and Register

If you are seeking an individual, standard RIC course on the main RIC campus (without pursuing a degree/program/certificate), you'll follow this sequence to complete registration:

  1. Search our classes to choose the course you'd like to take
    Please note: CONT courses are not applicable, as they are for specific PSCE programs only
  2. If you don't already have a MyRIC account, please complete the Non-Degree Online Registration Account Form to create one. You will then receive an email that contains a MyRIC user ID and directions on how to create your password.
  3. If you have/when you get a MyRIC account (a user ID and password), login to MyRIC and register for your course by going to Student Center > Enrollment

Please Note: If you forgot your ID or password or have trouble accessing your account, contact the Records Office at 401-456-8213. If you require assistance with accessing online registration, please contact the Disability Services Center at 401-456-2776.

Valuable Events to Take Advantage Of

In addition to courses, RIC hosts events, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and other activities open to the campus and the general public. Please consider joining us! Information about events and dates will be posted here.


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