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What We Do

Today, nine out of 10 U.S. employers need employees with language skills other than English. In the Department of Modern Languages, we help students gain proficiency in a second language.

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The Department of Modern Languages offers a B.A. degree in modern languages, with concentrations in French, Francophone studies, Latin American studies (with a track in Spanish-speaking Latin America and Brazil), Portuguese and Spanish.

Value of Foreign Language Proficiency

Modern Languages Faculty at Accepted Students Day 2023
On April 1, 2023, the department of Modern Languages faculty welcome accepted students on Accepted Students Day.

All RIC undergraduates are expected to speak and understand a language other than English at the novice-to-mid-proficiency level by the time they graduate. Rhode Island College recognizes that foreign language skills not only open up opportunities for work in other parts of the world, it helps students develop a more positive attitude toward both the language and the culture of the country where it is spoken.

Directors of Majors and Minors:


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Rhode Island College is an exclusive member of the Common Application. All students applying for undergraduate admission must complete the Common Application. This includes freshmen, second degree students, re-admits and international applicants.

Our Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

  • Professor Ana Mendiburu (and Spanish)
  • Professor Maria Hofman (and Spanish)
  • Dr. Nery Rolando Villanueva (and Spanish)
  • Dr. Antonella Sisto
  • Professor Daniel Schields (and Spanish)
  • Dr. Irene do Aamaral
  • Professor Ana Parada
  • Professor Ernelinda Zito
  • Professor Miguel Angel Arbues
  • Professor Vanessa DelGiudice
  • Professor Leslie Durigan
  • Professor Gianina Gastelo
  • Professor Jennifer Loaiza
  • Professor Andres Zuniga
  • Professor Maureen McEntee
  • Professor Susan Ward

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