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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Television Industry

Like Toto in Oz who pulled back the curtain to expose the Wiz, Anthony Galvez recently flew to Hollywood to take a look at the wizardry behind film and television.

MTV Scouts Potential Screenwriters Among RIC Communication Students

From left, Jordan Duke, executive assistant to the president of Synchronous Media, asks students for a pitch (storyline); students review their storylines before making their presentation; and Tobias Yoshimura, RIC assistant professor, facilitates the discussion.

Popular TV Competition Comes to RIC: “Smart Dancing With the Stars of RIC”

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC students Miguel Alcantara and Gretchen Hanson compete in a ballroom dance competition at Yale University.

Discrimination Against Muslims in Europe is Focus of 2013-2014 Thorp Lecture

Jackson was selected for the Mary Tucker Thorp Award for excellence in teaching, scholarship and collegial service.

Active Shooter Response: What You Need to Know

The R.I. State Police and the Emergency Management Office at Providence College join RIC campus police to discuss what to do in the case of an active shooter.

RIC Builds Bridges for Nontraditional Students

Rhode Island College Impact

If not for RIC’s Bridges Program, honors student Travis Dumais might not have made it to college. Today this sophomore, who has the curiosity and creativity of a young Einstein, is a psychology major, minoring in neuroscience.

MEET OUR STUDENTS: Anthony Vega: All-Star Reporter

Anthony Vega always sounds as if he’s enjoying himself and easily slips into a talk-show-host speaking style.

MEET OUR STUDENTS: Cameron Richer Opts for Path That Isn’t Paved With Ivies

Rhode Island College Impact

Cameron Richer, a senior math whiz at Rhode Island College, ranked third in his class at Woonsocket High School and could have applied to any Big-10 or Ivy League school. Certainly that’s what his peers did.

MEET OUR STUDENTS: Esohe Irabor, Far From Home

Rhode Island College Impact

Esohe Irabor is a native of Washington, D.C. When asked why she chose Rhode Island College, she says, “I like to call it a happy accident.”

MEET OUR STUDENTS: Hillary Costa: Leader of RIC’s Student Body

Local politics was a frequent topic of discussion in Hillary Costa’s working-class home.