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Fulbright Advisor Tells RIC Students to “Reach”

Rhode Island College Impact

Prof. Vince Bohlinger is on a mission to increase the number of Fulbright scholars at Rhode Island College.

RIC Produces Another Fulbright Scholar: Jennifer Contreras ’22

“This is a life-changing experience for our students,” says RIC Fulbright program advisor, Prof. Vince Bohlinger.

Alumni Mentorship Program Gets Financial Backing from Papitto and DeStefano Funds

Rhode Island College Impact

Alumni mentorship is a way to ensure that RIC students are not only successful in college but in their chosen professions.

MEET OUR GRADUATES: First-Generation Grad is Already on Track for Her Master’s

Rhode Island College Impact

“My family is very supportive. They want better for me than they had,” shares Mady Akkaoui, a first-generation college student who graduated from RIC this year.

MEET OUR GRADUATES: Artist Liping Zhang

Rhode Island College Impact

“I decided to be bold, like the RIC motto, and go back to school,” says 36-year-old Liping Zhang. She graduates from RIC as an award-winning artist.

MEET OUR GRADUATES: Yang Finds Success on the Field and in the Lab

“The biggest lesson that RIC has taught me is that no matter where you are, where you start from, you can still succeed and be great,” says Chelsea Yang, an accomplished athlete and promising biology researcher.

MEET OUR GRADUATES: Jelyssa D’Lugo Pays It Forward to Future Nursing Students

Rhode Island College Impact

Nursing student Jelyssa D’Lugo ‘22 knew when she transferred to RIC that she wanted to be as involved as possible on campus. She couldn’t have predicted just how much she would do.

MEET OUR GRADUATES: Triple Major in Only Three Years

“My experiences have definitely guided me." — Alexandra Wilson

MEET OUR GRADUATES: Assel Sat’s Love of Music is Truly International

“These recognitions make me feel very happy and proud of myself.” — Assel Sat

A New Cohort of Miranda Scholarship Winners Takes the Stage

"The way the (Miranda) program is laid out, I'll be able to meet people in the performing arts industry, so I'm looking forward to that opportunity," says scholarship winner Sofia DaSilva (pictured above during a performance).