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What We Do

Our mission is to prepare students to communicate effectively as professionals and citizens in our state, nation and the world.

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The revolution in technology has given added importance to the study of communication and media.

What We Offer

In all communication programs, students receive both classroom instruction and internship experiences, and the programs' flexible requirements allow faculty to accommodate individual backgrounds, needs, and interests.

Our Programs

We offer a major and minor program in Communication. Our Communication B.A. allows you to concentrate in one of these two specialized areas:

  • Media Communication and Advertising
  • Speech, Language and Hearing Science

Our Communication Minor is a great way for a student majoring outside of the Communication Department to add an additional area of mastery to their resume. With nearly all fields relying on strong communications skills, this option is a wonderful value add for all job candidates.

We also offer a Strategic Communication B.A. Strategic communication is an area where the aim is to communicate an entity’s (organizational, business, political, or otherwise) goals, mission, values, or policies.

An Additional Minor for All

The Communications Department also provides a Digital Media Production Minor. This minor program is for any student who wants to expand their digital media skills and learn to produce professional audio, video, music, podcasts, live streams, and other multimedia projects. Courses include the foundations of concept development and scriptwriting for various forms of media and opportunities for advanced study in video and audio production and other forms of multimedia content creation.

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