Office of Faculty Advising

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What We Do

We provide support for academic advisors, who connect students with the college and help them navigate the maze of academic requirements on their path to graduation.

Contact Information
The connections and interactions between a student and their academic advisor are a key ingredient of student success

Improving RIC with Each Student

When we help students stay on track we:

  • enrich the overall academic community
  • improve graduation rates
  • strengthen the college's achievement of its mission

Each interaction, whether face-to-face or in the virtual environment, provides an opportunity for excellent student service and can make all the difference in a student's academic journey. 


Academic Advising Manual Update

The Advising Manual is currently in the process of being updated. For any questions about advising, or advising as it relates to the Hope Scholarship, please contact the Director of Faculty Advising

Key Resources

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Starfish for Faculty and Staff

At RIC we are looking to see students succeed in a variety of ways. We believe that Starfish will allow for direct communication between students and faculty.

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Advising FAQs for Students

Take a look at the Advising FAQs that the Office of Academic Advising has prepared for students. Insight into this student-tailored resource may prove useful as you work with students.