Office of Campus Police​

Campus Police Administration with new officer
What We Do

Our philosophy is simple: provide a secure and welcoming environment so that our campus community members can grow and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Contact Information
Campus Police Administration

Colonel James J. Mendonca
Director of Security and Safety​
Chief of Campus Police

Major Richard G. Silva
Assistant Director of
​Security and Safety for Operations​
Deputy Chief of Campus Police

Captain Joseph D. Acampora Jr.
Assistant Director of Security and Safety for Administration


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The mission of the Rhode Island College Campus Police​, a component​ of the College's Department of Security and Safety, while multifaceted, is simplistic in nature and is centered upon a single goal: to provide for the safety of life, personal and institutional property, and to enhance the educational process.​

This goal is accomplished through the enforcement of all local, state and federal laws and statutes, as well as the various policies and procedures established by the college administration and the Council on Postsecondary Education.​​


Compliment and Complaint Procedure

We encourage community members to take the time to write or call the department and ask for a supervisor. Offer your personal thoughts which will be conveyed to the Chief of Police and then, formally, to the officer themselves.