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Creating a Forum for Difficult Discussions in the Classroom

Rhode Island College Impact

We want our students to feel free to discuss their thoughts on controversial social and political issues in the classroom.

The Q&A: Prof. Endress Discusses How the Online World of Misinformation Feeds into Political Polarization

Rhode Island College Impact

Endress is helping to counter the political divide in America by teaching her students to distinguish fact from fiction when sourcing their news.

The Q&A: Political Communication Expert, Prof. Endress, Discusses How to Heal the Partisan Divide

TV, radio and print news have long turned to Prof. Endress for political commentary. At RIC, students are lucky enough to get to learn from her in the classroom.

Another Big Winner in the Midterms: RIC Political Communication Students

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC students are learning the ins and outs of politics, from rhetorical strategy to stagecraft and image making. RIC senior Mistura Ottun (pictured right) shares her thoughts during a class discussion.

Forum on Gun Violence Searches for Answers

Rhode Island College Impact

Join us at RIC on Nov. 14, 2022 for an evening devoted to finding solutions to gun violence. This event is open to the public.

Alumnus Rises from Troubled Youth to Governor's Confidant

RIC alum Chris Farrell remains loyal to the mentor who embraced him and guided his path to a career in politics.

LeBlanc on Track to Rise in Politics

LeBlanc's affinity for politics grew at RIC by participating in internships and the college's branch of the American Democracy Project.

Gen Z Activism

“Don’t wait for something like what happened to us to happen to you,” said Tyah-Amoy Roberts, survivor of one of the country's worst mass shootings.

RIC Students Team Up with NBC10 on Video Project

Rhode Island College Impact

Communication students experience political reporting firsthand.

The ADP Takes an Inside Look at Political Speechwriting

This forum explored the unique and intimate relationship between speechwriter and speaker.