RIC students on class in Gaige Hall
Academic Rhode Maps, for all undergraduate bachelor degree programs, are intended to guide students toward graduation in as timely manner.

The Academic Rhode Map is designed primarily for first-year students, but transfer students may also use the Rhode Map with the understanding that they have most likely completed several requirements through transfer of credit, and will be starting further into the program. Maps also assume a Fall start.

Suggested Routes to Success

Not everyone graduates in four years as it depends on how many courses you can take, and how you do in those courses. These maps are not your only route; they are suggestions. You might take additional courses over the summer (or early spring/winter) to catch up or get ahead if the courses you need are offered at these times.

Recommended Courses and Checkpoints

Maps list all courses needed to complete a program and graduate, along with course prerequisites and possible minimum grades. They include recommended course choices for each semester to cover your major alongside the General Education program, and have room for a possible minor or second major in those programs with a smaller number of credits. Checkpoints along the way help you determine if you are on track to graduate and include things of which you need to be aware each semester, including your target GPA, when to see your advisor, and other requirements.